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stephanie (rediculous) wrote,
@ 2004-03-15 20:11:00
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    Current mood: happy
    Current music:my girl - temptations.

    "i'm going for a walk, and then i'm going to curves"
    hmm. well, once again, i haven't updated and forgotten everything, so ill just do highlights. friday was really fun. we all went to dusty's and slept over, had a really fun night, took some pictures. mark took a lot more though because my camera was dead, which sucks. so the next day alex and i went to his moms and played hours and hours of mario kart. he's so much better than me, haha. vicious, vicious. but i love being around him sooo much. like it's ridiculous. then at night we couldn't find anything to do and the night turned out being pretty eghh. i was just like in a dull mood and the situation wasn't cool, and i felt bad about the way i was being i just wasn't having it. i appreciate people leaving when they did, though. sunday i went to my g-rent's for st. patricks day 'cause it's a very irish family. my grandparents are too cute. we ate a whole lot of food as usual and i got my green bread which i was ecstatic about. my cousin and i talked and she's awesome and i miss her. so then i went on the computer and my parents almost left without me!! so i held it against them all day that they almost forgot me, haha. they would've if my grandma hadn't asked my mom whose purse was on the ground. (mine!) so we went to sean's house he just bought. it's soooo nice. i think it's like 1900 a month so he's renting out the upstairs. the house is gorgeous, soo much renovation to do though. it def. looks like a frat house. it's nuts. today was good. actually did something in aerobics but lauren wasn't here, went to alex's afterwards and played some mario kart, and again he kicked my ass. haha. yoga this week with evan and lacey, should be fun :D. i miss my moms store. i wish elysa wasn't so busy; i talked to her for like 5 seconds today and she was so distressed and i feel horrible. i feel as though people think they have an obligation to know things that are going on in my life, when they haven't even been in my life. i don't think that's fair at all. and then talking about it? ehh. i'm getting the real camera back from my sister so when it gets warm and i get my license i plan on taking soooo many pictures it's ridiculous. i really need a job for money for my prom dress/bid and skate and surf and everything else. gahhh. i hate money so much.

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