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stephanie (rediculous) wrote,
@ 2004-03-08 10:43:00
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    Current mood: pleased
    Current music:always ten feet tall - saves the day.

    "andy, is that my coke?"
    so i didn't feel like going to school today 'cause 2-hour delays are such a hassle to get to school. i'm definitely not walking up to the busstop and i didn't feel like making someone drive me. so eh. snow day :D. but definitely a downside, because this snow is such nonsense. march 8th and snow on the ground!! anyway, this weekend was pretty amazing. on friday alex and i pretty much did a bunch of stuff for gotlieb at his moms house and at around 9, we went to see what marc was up to. went to andy's. basically a chill night, not very much happened. except some really silly stuff that's worked out now. which is great. saturday i woke up and hung out and got ready for the gotlieb show, alex came and picked me up and we got there to find out that it really started at 8 instead of 6. oh welll. it was kinda chilly so that made me a little ehh. evan and i set up the stuff and sold it ;). gotlieb was excellent as usual and i took a bunch of sexy pictures that i will have on my webpage asap. i actually need to put a lot of pictures up. so after the show we went to josh's for about 3 minutes, and ended up leaving 'cause alex had to drive everyone everywhere. i felt really bad. :/. anyway, that entire night was like, so incredibly amazing. gah. i can't even explain it, and i don't want to. :D. last night alex and i drove dean to soccer but it was at a different place so we got kinda lost on account of me :/. we got white castle which was always good. my sister just told me for about the 9th time that i look malnutritioned. that's really gross. anyway snow days are awesome, haha i'm gonna go make some fooood.

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