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stephanie (rediculous) wrote,
@ 2004-03-01 22:32:00
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    Current mood: cheerful

    "i see moo, i feeeel moo"
    hmm. ok, gah. friday; went to alex's. he had a wake to go to so we went to that and we came back and his step-brother was having a party which was really random because his grandma was sitting in the living room. haha. alex and i were upstairs hanging out and we didn't even know people were downstairs, so rob or ian or someone calls alex's cell phone and is like "yo, we're on your porch" and we thought they meant alex's balcony but they meant the side porch so we went out to see them and they had been there for like an hour and we had nooo idea. so we chilled downstairs for a little while and i had stuff to drink which was peace, and we talked to people, and we went back upstairs to chill for a little bit. i found out later that danielle was downstairs and she had called me but then she left. so we went back down a little while later to say goodbye and everything was peace. so saturday morning i woke up and called jess, and she said we had to go at about 3ish, so her dad came and picked me up and we went to the b-ball courts to wait for michelle, and we went to the wrong clubhouse so we walked to cedar lake. the guy told us we were just bussing but we ended up washing over 500 dishes, utensils, etc.; serving food, cleaning, and everything else. sooo much work but it was so much fun and i was just laughing the entire time. we made $95 which is pretty good from 5-1 i guess. i slept over jess's and we watched lion king 1/2 in the morning. haha. awesome. yesterday really sucked a lot so i hung out with alex and i felt bad and i went home and slept and today i was just in a gross mood cause i felt sooooo horrible until i realized how beautiful it was out. rob, alex, and i went to toys 'r' us after school and bought evans bday gift, and a little tikes kitchen set for patty, which we proceeded to set up in her bedroom. pictures soon. haha. goodbye all.

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