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Jonny Kathman (redeyejedi) wrote,
@ 2003-06-27 00:40:00
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    Current mood:tired
    Current music:commercial on t.v. terrible music. terrible.

    panic data re-animated.
    good morning beautiful computer console. (sp?) I just returned from bringing Danielle home. She was watching and listening to the dynamic duo that is panic data....this consists of evan connair and myself. Danielle is my ever devoted fan and terrific girlfriend who seems to have much more faith in what i do than i have in myself. You see, panic data was also once known as memoranda, and being the shadow. It consisted of myself, Evan, Tom Rose, and Sam McCabe. We were an experimental rock band gone wrong. We practiced every now and then, and weren't very good. I started to feel that Tom and Sam were losing interest, because Tom would fuck shit up seemingly on purpose, and Sam would mope around at practice and was no longer pleasant to be around. I decided to end it with them because it was not going anywere. But recently i have been really getting into writing songs, and Evan, who has been more than devoted, is always there to lay the rhythm down. This helps me out because it lets me know what the songs will sound like. Anyway, we've been doing this acoustic thing, and i believe it is going to dig up the old panic data corpse and re-animate it into a beautiful angel. I think we sound so much better acoustically, because it makes the songs prettier and crisper. Plus, this means less band members to have their say in it, and less baggage. Tom is too busy hanging with the cool kids and listening to dmb, and Sam is way into his avant-garde shite. Panic data and The Minor Leagues both have a show tomorrow nite in cincinnati. I am completley excited, but today i felt the pressures of stress, which i could tell was affecting Danielle. Upon thinking about it, i felt bad. I get mean when i am stressed out. Sorry. Danille looked stunning today, as usual. She doesn't think so, but if there was anything i could change about her, it is the way she recieves compliments. She is damn beautiful but will not acknowledge this whatsoever. It saddens me. Tomorrow we are going to take a nap. I cannot wait.

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