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Jonny Kathman (redeyejedi) wrote,
@ 2003-06-29 10:56:00
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    Current mood:hates work
    Current music:2+2=5-Radiohead

    i hate sundays.
    today seems to be a really nice day out. its just sunny enough to call it a "sunny day" but appears to not be so humid. unfortunately (sp?) for me, i have to work most of it. at work i do lots of things. first i come in usually late, and proceed to put my work shirt on. then i go to the restroom to wash up a bit, and begin popping pop corn. this is a tedious process, because first the machine must be turned on and warmed up. upon warming up, you turn the motor on and add all the repulsive ingredients that make up pop corn: popping oil, salt, butter, and corn. i hate pop corn.
    after this, i cleanse the place a little, because it always appears that the last one to have worked didnt know how to clean up. then i sit, and wait, and gander at flies, and hope that someone comes along to see "the hulk" or "charlies angels". but once they get here, suddenly my attitude changes, and i wish they would go away, because i do not want to serve nasty ass popcorn nor do i want to remember large orders and the prices there of.
    when the time comes to leave, i have done pretty much nothing productive, honestly. i've made popcorn, sold tickets, and sat on my ass, soaked head to toe in popping grease and tired as shit. no wonder im a twenty year old that still has acne. i bathe in oil every day.

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