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your very own naked mother (redefinedhuman) wrote,
@ 2003-04-30 15:05:00
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    Current mood: chipper
    Current music:white stripes - girl you have no faith in medicine

    kay sur ahhh sur ahhh... what ever will be... will be....
    tomorrow i get to see christian. fuckin' yeah!

    it will rawk. i think i am going to watch highway again after school, before i gotta go to work. it's my favorite movie right now. it really reminds me of requiem for a dream in a lot of parts... plus jared leto has a mohawk, and who can resist mohawks?

    not i. not i.

    this week has been doing me some good. i wish tuesday started off better... i didn't start the day with my daily dose of faxi book.

    i ducking have you! you are not my dad!

    longest word ever.

    i realized this week that i really love my friends... i think i am going to just talk about them a bunch... thats what i'll do...

    Jake Smith: my best friend... i love him so much. i would die without having him in my life. we are so similar, and we can always keep each other laughing. he makes every school day worth going to, just because he can always pick me up if i am down, and he can always make me smile. plus he is always there for me to talk to, about everything... and believe me, i think we seriously have talked about EVERYTHING!

    Christian: He is new in my life, 2 months, but he has changed me, for the better. he has opened my eyes to a new life, and new people. he makes me happier then anyone probably ever could. i wake up and go to sleep thinking about him. we are the same person a lot of the time, and i can make him laugh. he is the greatest guy i have ever had in my life, and i am so thankful, to this day, that i am the lucky girl that gets to be with such a sweet, loving, hilarious guy. i love you.

    Caitlin: she has been there for me through a lot of stuff, and i know i can always talk to her. about anything. i love her laugh, and how similar we can be at times. just talking to her about things make me smile. listening to all the stuff she has done and all the people she knows... bah! Starfish friends... plus, we are rulers of the universe.

    Jessica: We have been through so much stuff in our friendship. we ahve been best friends since 6th grade. we have had so many ups and downs, but we have helped each other grow into the people we are now. we are obviously different now, but we love each other so much. she has been there longer than anyone, and for her... i would do anything. i love her more than anyone in the world. i would die for her. without each other... we are nothing. i can tell her anything... and she would never judge me for it. we have experienced life together... and we'll be friends to experience the rest of it.

    Amber: we only got to really talk this year. but it was fun. mythology was the best class. it sucked when she would never show up. but all in all it was awesome. i would consider her a good friend. i feel like i could talk to her about anything, i just havent yet. i really hope that we become better friends. she has been through a lot and i just hope that she is happy now. she is so awesome. one of the coolest people i have met.

    Riki: riki and i kinda met this year in aerobics, but we kinda knoew of each other before that. we started talking this year though, and it was great. i love talking to her. she is so cool. i dont really know her as well as everyone else on here, but i'd like to. she laughs at everything, and i think that's great. her sense of humor is wonderful. i am so glad i met her. she is such a good person, and she deserves nothig but the best.

    Angie Pants: (turns 18 on FRIDAY) i met her this year, but again, i think we knew of each other before then. she is fun to talk to. she has a lot of opinions on everything, and i love picking on her. it's all in good fun though, i hope she knows that. she laughs at everything, but she can be goofy as all hell. one thing i gotta tell her though, don't wear a skirt when you are going out with me and chris... seriously... you need to be ninja and ruffled!

    Jaala: i got to know her a bit, she is jake's twin sister... and she is goofy as all hell. "cant stand the ruffles can't stand the ruffles!" oh man. what the hell... to great. thats all i can say. she makes me laugh... thats a first... people usually arent that funny, but this chick is the coolest, she has the greatest style, and she is just amazingly awesome. i really want to get to know her better.

    i really cant think of any one else. my brain keeps thinking of ra songs that jake and i were making up... BAH!

    you betta watch out...

    sorry the entry is so long...

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