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Blurred Salvation (red_glamour) wrote,
@ 2003-10-03 21:53:00
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    Current mood: sad
    Current music:the hardest button to button - the white stripes

    :slams head into keyboard:
    It's friday, yes! Went to the movies with Amanda and Chris. Saw the school of rock, that movie was awesome.

    Today was alright, skipped 5th hour because I'm not going up in front of the class to sign fuck that, I kinda have a thing called social anxiety, does anyone care, nope. Kyle got caught it was pretty funny. Matt, Charlene, Jamee, Mwah, and Alicia walked off but it seemed like Charlie stayed there or something because I turned around and he wasn't there. Then when we walked into the lockeroom he came in and blah blah blah all that good stuff. We almost got caught about 2-3 times. I kept changing the time on my agenda so yea... you get the picture. I bet I have to go up tuesday.. I don't care if it's for a grade, I can't do it.

    Hm.. Have replaced coffee with gummy bears. Now I feel sick thats great.

    In 2nd lunch, there was this girl (i don't really know her) and she was just sitting by the wall looking really lonely and sad and I felt bad because if I was all alone I'd want someone to come up to me and say hi you know? So I went over, said hi, talked extremely fast about my coffee addiction and scared her. But thats ok, because I don't care so.. :shakes fist:

    I have a program on here that tells me how many people come across my sexy little journal. There are 7 people that continue to come and read my journal. Comment you assholes! You can read my entries but not comment.. I can make this friends only and then your happy butt can't read it anymore. I don't care if your anonymus.. share your opinions.. I don't care if I know you, or I don't know you, but comment or die. haha ok maybe not die, just comment.

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