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~V~ (red14green1) wrote,
@ 2004-08-07 15:55:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:"Almost Over" ~Limp Bizkit~

    Doesn't anyone get on here anymore?
    We've been busy painting here, hopefully next week we'll get our carpet put in. If we get the carpet put in next week maybe **maybe** we could have the tile put in the week after, which would be really nice. I want my dad to come visit sometime soon(after the tile is put down and stuff so that the place will look nice b/c he's picky and I don't wanna hear his shit) It'd just be nice to show him how well Charlie and I are doing. His wife Debbi is being exceptionally nice to me...she must be furious w/Annie...I've been waiting on Annie to get my shot records and send them up here to me and she hasn't and so Debbi offerd to help get them for me. I don't really care who gets them for me, I just need them so I can apply for college.

    Not too much has been going on here...I'm trying to housetrain Dax and he's doing really well, but we still have accidents pretty frequently and that's never good. He's only 2 months old though, and when I got "Fred" in ak "Fred" was around 4 months old and Dax is doing MUCH better than Fred was. Dax already understands(as long as you have a treat ready for him) "sit", "speak", and "outside" and he's pretty good about coming when you call him.

    I think tonight Charlie and I are going to paint the last bedroom and then we'll be done w/all the painting (Thank goodness!)...we'll have to go around and "touch up" the trim and stuff, but we should be able to finish everything by tonight. Tomorrow we're all going to Jack's river to go sunburn from last week is still peeling, dangit...and we're taking Dax to see how he'll like it...

    My mom had surgery on her knee last week; there was a growth on the end of her bone that her knee cap ended up grinding off and the surgery was to get the "growth" out and replace some cartilage(sp?). She's doing pretty good, she's on crutches(isn't everybody these days?) and she's had to get Annie and William help her get around and lots of physical therapy. Hopefully I'll be able to go to the health department here soon(I'm running low on bcp's)and I know it's about time to get another tetnus shot(dangit). I hope I can get everything free Barnwell I got everything free and we really can't afford to pay for anything right now. Oh well, I guess we'll see. Anyways, I guess I'll get on here later.

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