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~V~ (red14green1) wrote,
@ 2004-05-18 19:40:00
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    Current mood: lazy
    Current music:"Echo" ~Trapt~

    Nothing is going on here!!! I need to brush my teeth, today was a lazy day. Charlie and I didn't wake up until like 11 and I didn't get my shower until like 1...which is really pathetic. I haven't brushed my teeth yet...I'm about to though b/c I feel nasty. I blowdried my hair at 4 something and I didn't bother with makeup. We did jog/blade at 12 though. I feel so....well I feel like a complete slacker....I hate waking up late....I always feel better when I wake up early and get my shower and everything taken care of....the house cleaned...all that stuff. Lori called today, but nothing's going on there either. She wanted to know what I thought about her and Ed. I told her I think they'd be cute together, but he won't be back from Iraq until next year...but he is getting out of the army then too. It's rainy here...piece of craps...oh yea, and tomorrow is "don't buy gas so that the government will be forced to drop gas prices" day so I've heard....Charlie and I aren't going to buy gas then, we're going to wait until Thursday, he'll get paid Thursday and I think the only thing we have to pay is rent, R.A.C., and insurance, so we might have some extra money to save then. That'd be great, we have alot to save up I need to get my permit sometime...

    I'm going to brush my teeth now....ick....

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