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Carter Bullok (rebelndsouth) wrote,
@ 2003-03-30 16:23:00
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    Current mood: sleepy
    Current music:LINKIN PARK Meteora album

    My Weekend
    I had a wild weekend. Friday night we fell victom to the McGill Soccer Machine. We player great, but I was very bored. I was offered no type of challenge. Nobody wanted to play with me.

    Friday night after the game Rachel came over so I could get ready. We went to Walmart so I could buy Jackass, but they didn't have it. So we went to someone's house to watch a movie. I got her home b/f her curfew, but she didn't exactly get home till like 6:30. We had an interesting time; it was really fun. I went inside at like 5:45 and my aunt came to pick me up at 6. We headed to the PROMISE LAND. The Crimson team beat the White team 47 - 0. ALABAMA's team looks to be very promising for next year.

    Saturday Night didn't really do much of anything because Rachel was grounded from being out so late. I was tired so I really did much of nothing.

    Got this from my "long-lost evil twin"

    Mathematical Proof That Girls Are EVIL!!!

    First, we know that girls require time and money

    1.) girls = time X money

    Next, we know that time is money.

    2.) time = money

    So, girls = money X money

    And, we know that money is the root of all evil.

    3.) money = square root of evil (square root isn't on a keyboard)

    So, girls = square root of evil X square root of evil

    Therefore, girls = EVIL

    [Since guys are not naturally evil, I found out that my evilness runs out at about 3 AM. Rachel and I found that out. So even ppl like me can be nice.]

    Peace and Love
    ~ Carter ~

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