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Carter Bullok (rebelndsouth) wrote,
@ 2003-03-19 13:42:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:THE VERVE PIPE- Freshmen

    been screwed b/f, but i'd say we really got SCREWED
    not too happy. we were the only unbeaten team in mobile and baldwin county b/f last night. we really got screwed. SCHYLER watched the tape and confirmed all our suspicions. The refs missed 3 off-sides calls, a penalty in the box, and push in the box that led to the PK, that put the stake in the GATOR'S HEART. we out played, hustled, and outhearted BCHS last night, but you can't over come being screwed by authority. LIVE TO DEFY AUTHORITY! last night the REFS ROYALLY SCREWED US. i'd say i had a great game. i cover 2 players the first half and kept them shutdown. OJ, their fastest player, didn't do anything. i shut him out. within the first 10 min i laid into his ankle. that slowed him down for the rest of the game. i was pretty proud of that. i'm fast but not 4.4/4.3 fast. so i went a/f him and become the faster man. i'm still pissed that those cotton pickers won. i got pushed down and the guy got the ball, then BJ tackled him from behind in the box. i'm not sayin anymore b/c it just leaves a bitter taste. FOLEY, i'm sorry, but you guys better ready yourselves for a soccer ball insertion.

    rachel tried to cheer my up, she shared some interesting things. i got a laugh out of it, but i'm still pissed. revenge is the only thing that's gonna make me happy. BITTER? you bet i am. some ppl made comments about losing and i wanted to slap them. i'm a poor loser, i'll admit that. i guess because i'm so competitive. today in first period, SQUARE HEAD, Gury said something and I said shut your mouth POTHEAD and the whole class busted out laughin. he got pissed and came a/f me. he tried to slap me in the head, but i slapped him the the face. everyone started laughin and mrs burt got mad at him. it was a classic moment.


    "When it comes down to Nicole and me, she's the man in the situation." - Cody, "Jew, RUDY," Rubenstien in 3rd block

    "And one time I kissed 3 girls." can't tell ya who, it might get me in some trouble.

    Our Record
    10 - 1 - 1

    Life is a lesson... and the end of the year is near, so LIVE IT UP!

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