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Nicholas Brendon Shultz (rebel_nick) wrote,
@ 2003-08-24 14:39:00
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    Current mood: amused

    Okay thats only for a couple days.

    I'm actually going to Brighton, England. Its for a convention. Love those things. The fans are a lot of fun. Its part of the reason I love acting. They'll watch your show no matter how bad it got. *cough*Season 6*cough*

    I'm going early because I want to do touristy stuff before the convetion begins on the 28-31.

    They're gonna have costume parties, karaoke Jam sessions, q and a's.

    A few of the Buffy stars will be there. Besides myself: Kristine Sutherland (Joyce), Amber Benson (Tara), The twins that were after Buffy and Cordelia in "Homecoming", and everyones favorite rat...Principal Snyder.

    Gonna be a fun time. But I'm going tour London for a few days first. Gonna see Buckinham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben...what else is there? *shrugs*

    If you want a souviner from your favorite Nick...just leave a reply. Tell me what you want or just that you want me to pick.

    Watching Footloose now...but I want to watch "The Muppet Movie." I saw it at the end of I Love the 70s (1979) and I wanna see it now. I loved the Muppets as a kid.

    Fozzie was da man!
    Kermit was cool for an amphibian.
    Miss Piggy...she reminds me of someone...just can't place who right now.
    Gonzo. How can you NOT love Gonzo. You don't know what he is but you know he's the best.

    Made me reminicent of "THe Muppet Show" and "Sesame Street."

    I never liked Bert. He was annoying. Paperclip collections, penguins, corny shoes, ugly chair. Why couldn't he be cool like Ernie. Ernie was the best. The Felix of their "odd couple" if ou will.

    Gonna watch Muppet Movie with Paris when I get back. And gotta take Bev to go swim with the dolphins. I mentioned it months ago, and she wanted me to take her. We got so busy we never had time so we're gonna make time when I get back.

    Watching that show I remembered TONS of stuff. One of my favorite cartoons...CAPTAIN CAAAAAAAAAAAAAVE MAAAAAAAAAAAN! *laughs* I'm a dork. Still love me?

    I had to shut off VH1 cause i kept watching 70s over and over. Its addictive like the 80s. So I put on Bravo. BIG mistake.

    "Selena" was on.

    I HATE that movie...makes me cry every time I see it. Why Jen? Why you wanna make Nicky cry like that? Its not right. Why'd that lady have to bump off Selena for money huh? And when the started up "I'll be Dreaming of you tonight" when everyone was crying...I just lose it.

    Why J-Lo? I'm not supposed to cry!

    Okay, gonna watch "Casablanca" now...its a classic.

    But before I leave...Why is it when you REALLY want to talk to someone...they're never around? Hmm...wrap your mind around that one.

    - Nick

    EDIT: Bev is the coolest person ever. Why? Because I said so.

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