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Amy Kristina Jen (realfunnyquotes) wrote,
@ 2005-08-24 13:51:00
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    Current mood: amused

    Yo niggs! Its Jen and Amy. Heres some of our lovely quotes.. More to come!

    “Jennifer, I’m a rebel, so don’t question my logic.” ~ Amy talking to Jen

    "Hey Jen.. I'm a robot..Beep bop boop da beep bop boop boop boop" ~Derek talking to Jen drunk

    “You’ll never believe it! I’m in London with Maurizio. Talk to him!” ~ Seth on a cucumber phone

    When Aries spears walked by and said “Oh, excuse me” and Jen and I looked at each other like “what the hell”? ~Best comic café show ever!

    After two bites of Burger King food “Fuck this…never ever again.”~ At shitty king

    “What’s up? It’s Saadam.” ~ Amy prank calling people

    “I’m gonna play neopets. I wanna blow shit up.” ~ Amy Talking to Jen

    “See you at the cross roads” (picture of taquito on her leash) ~ To a now dead cat on myspace

    “Cannablism is not funny” ~ Amy pointing a fork at dinner time

    “STAINED!” (at some shitty Christian concert)

    “Who wants some num nums? I’ve got snacks!” ~ Dane cook quote that we always say

    “Arf!” Seeing eye dog pressing the elevator button with it’s nose

    “We’re closed! We’re open!” Jen turning on and off the sign at O’laceys

    “Do I look like Johnny Knoxville? Tell me I look like Johnny Knoxville!”~ Our new friend at Buffalo Wild Wings

    “You look like you’re 10”….”ten…that would make me in 5th grade.. I did the math in my head!!!” ~ Some drunk 35 year old at Buffalo wild wings

    Michael Rowe’s baby picture FUCKING HYSTERICAL

    “Tell me I’m handsome!”~Jen’s dad

    “Say I take it back, Jennifer! Say I take it back!”~ Jen’s mom

    “Good, I love it!” ~Amy

    “I fucking hate cabbage!”~Kristina randomly in the quiet car

    “Who wants a table?!”~ Jen yelling at MSC

    “Captain John Stamos says, "Arrrrg!"~ Amy being silly

    “Jennifer! Stop singing Lionel Richie!”~Jen’s dad

    “Hello…is it me you’re looking for?” Singing to the Lionel Richie look alike leaving DDs

    “Life sucks” When Amy lost at the Game life

    “Cunt back whales”~ Amy’s insult to everyone

    Freestyling on the guitar with derrick jeters

    The push it song ~ Amy doing the robot on the 490

    “Vulcan idiots” ~Don vito, Don vito

    “Abacus!!” ~ Us when we’re pissed

    “take that 1950's society”~ When making a point

    “It’s my show, my name is Sophie Lophie!” ~ Singing to Jen’s dog

    “This is the way I go to class ever fucking day...Mondays and Wednesdays...and sometimes now." ~ Jen at mcc

    “That’s some sick shit bitch!” Some kid yelling at us for throwing an orange soda soaked tampon at him

    “Amy you got a call from the police” ~Amy’s mom
    “Again? What the fuck do they want?”~ Amy

    “What do you want for dinner today?”~Jen
    “Yeah.. I’m a lesbian now” ~Amy

    “You’re a lesbian aren’t you taco?” ~Taco attacking Jen after she says that

    “I’m in a Malibu” ~ Jen’s stuffed animal that looks ridiculous

    “Its fun its fresh, its sassy, the boys love it!” ~Some random lady at the mall

    “Shes a fucking retardo”~ Jen making fun of morons

    “Hey Gorgeous come here” ~ Jen yelling at the bingo guy at the onion fest

    “Fuck you uncle Jesse”~ Amy about the show full house, and when we play yahtzee

    “Bitchin!”~ when we’re thrilled

    “Why do they looked so pissed” ~Jen
    “They want their juice Jennifer” ~Amy
    “One night in Holland” ~ Our rampage night

    “Coin Star!” ~Every night

    “I only have one minute left on my phone mom. If I wanted to spend that minute talking to you, I would of came home” ~ Amy telling Jen what to say to her mom, next time she comes home late.

    “ I want to eat out your liver with a rusty, corroded butter knife. I want it broiled in canola oil, lemon juice, and rainbow sprinkles. I want it to be slightly burny but slightly undercooked. I want to smell like two month old roadkill. I want to vomit it back up, and make a rabid chicken eat it covered in berry scented palmoive. That is how much, I love Bob Dole” ~ Amy when pretty damn insane.

    “Highlighting kit and condoms? Sounds like a party” ~Kristina
    “It sure is” ~some random kid.

    “Should pot be legalized?~Jen recording some kid
    “HELLYEAH”~ Random kid named Eric…hahaha

    housecatoflife: there's ashlees simpsons twin next to me
    StarFate22: look at her weird and just say "YOU MAKE ME WANNA LALA!"
    then look back to your computer
    housecatoflife: she always is looking at me i think shes stalking me
    StarFate22: awesome! ASHLEY SIMPSON IS STALKING YOU!
    housecatoflife: that's kindof a creepy thought
    StarFate22: we should send the story to the tabloids!
    housecatoflife: i know we'd be rich!
    housecatoflife: and the real ashely'd be like "who the hell is amy?"
    StarFate22: give her picture fangs and red eyes...and have it say "She wants to eat you a lalaive"
    housecatoflife: that's so hot or scary
    StarFate22: im crazy....yeah you should look at her and go "If you want my auto want my auto biography....stalker just ask me"

    Amy- I love geeks, I don't know what it is.

    Me- Oh My God Amy me wonder were twins!

    Amy- Seriously though people are always like "You can do better than that", but I'm always like "No I can't I love geeks"

    Me- ME TOO! It just seems like the guys that I like, like battlestar galactica .

    Amy- *dies laughing*

    "Wanna go on a fat cow!"~ playing on myspace

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