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Raylin (raylin) wrote,
@ 2004-07-27 11:08:00
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    Current mood: happy

    Life is going UP
    OH Man guess what? I'll tell you what I HATE when people who are not listed as my friends read my journal and then talk about it thats really fucked up especially if I dont really know you but I know of you! Strangers dotn bug me but it's the people who start shit from info on my journal by telling eveyone to get people angry. I'm not talking about steph katie daisy penny and marcos but everyone else that might be reading my journal and talking crap or talking to other people is LAME! especially cause I fucking graduated high school and I'm staring the real life!

    OH MY GOD GUESS WHAT EVEYONE? NO SERIOUSLY GUESS! Ok I'll tell you what I got a CAR yes a CAR she is soooooo pretty and her name is DORY! She is a FOrd Contor '96 Deep Blue like my phone hehe and she has leather interior power everything and a moon roof and a CD playe oh yeah oh yeah! I'm so excited. I also started a job at vector it's really cool! I enjoy it and the people are really nice and cool! well that is all for now! Love you all who are my friends!

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