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Caitlin (rawr69) wrote,
@ 2003-11-11 18:10:00
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    Yeah so, I went to Rhode Island on Friday w/ Jaclyn to pick up her friend. We got lost and somehow like ended up at the school; it was weird. So then after we get back to Mass, we go to Cambridge and I get SO wasted. Jaclyn and her friend didn't wanna stay but I did; I was soo out of it. We kept smokin and smokin and drinkin omgg. Then we left and I was like blacking out in the backseat. The the next morning I go home, shower n then meet back up with them at this kid Taylors house n we all go to Boston. At the T in alewife some crackhead kept coming up to us it was fukin funny. Then me, jaclyn and her friend went out to dinner and I was seriously falling asleep at the damn table so afterwards I just went home to sleep. So yeah, last night was fukin wild. Me, Jaclyn and her friend from work go to cambridge and get DRUNK. str8 up. Jaclyn breaks out the sex dice so it's like her and 6 guys playing, they kept trying to get me to play and i was like "um, im not drunk enough for that." haha dis. I had them wake this kid up for me :x heh, it's good being bad! the roof is so fun to chill on at that place. anyway today I feel like shyt. I had a bad hangover, and even after i slept I still have a headache, my back hurts and my stomach hurts. My lil cousins are here from SC they are soo adorable. I love those kids sooo much. Anyway I'm going to watch tv it's only 6 pm but feels likes 11 pm :\

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