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Shadow Fox (ravenwingedfox) wrote,
@ 2003-10-31 22:35:00
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    Current mood:Exhausted, yet content and awake.
    Current music:Grim Grinning Ghosts [Piano & Cello] - Disneyland Paris - Une Journee a Disneyland Paris

    Happy Halloween~!
    Well, today the big "cookout" arrived. X) I woke up at 6am [not intentionally, I was awakened due to the noise outside my room and couldn't fall back asleep ^_^;], but it was fine since I felt good and I already planned on starting my projects at 8am. So for 2 hours I played some Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. X) Beat the first stage, but I still need to go back later. fun game. Well anyway, when 8am rolled around I did some minor decorating then alot of cleaning. I didn't actually get to cooking until 12am due to all the household chores I had to take care of. Did everything rather well, content with the results and such. Though I will admit it did get hectic when the "dining hour" was approaching. Which meant I had to get all the hot appetizers and the main course underway relatively at the same time. Thankfully, once I botched one dish my mother, sister, and her boyfriend helped me out with little things. Like tidying up an area, helping salvage that dish I burnt and remade it, and cutting some garlic & onions. But at around 6:30 pm, after about 10 1/2 hours of continuous fast paced work it all came together with a little help at the end [what can I say, this is my very first big meal I've cooked on my own with recipes I've never tried before]. So to my family and my sis' boyfriend, I served 4 appetizers, 1 main course, 3 desserts, and 4 different types of drinks [Recently added was a Halloween stout ale-- "Reaper Ale 'Mortality' Stout" I believe --that was rather good, a bit thick but good ^.^]. It was a huge success, everyone liked the dishes served [on varying degrees thanks to personal preference] and the main course, the "Roasted Heart", was VERY well accepted. Infact my father wants to make a more generic dinner version of it for later use. ^.^ *is happy* Needless to say everyone was stuffed silly [I now contend with my father on making the most mess while cooking dinner... *laughs* Thankfully he was generous enough to volunteer to clean it up. ^_^;;;] from all the food and my feet are absolutely KILLING me. But I have a big grin on my face despite it all... Got to hang out with both of my Lisa friends for a while, gave them some food and drinks and talked all the while. And at the end, I made hot spiced cider for everyone... Man... I should make that more often.. ~.~ *content sigh* But yes! Either way today was a very busy, yet rewarding, day. I honestly wouldn't mind making this a tradition to do on every Halloween if I have the chance. But we'll see what the future brings.. *snicker*

    --[Edit 12:56 am]--

    (YAY! It's raining! XD At long freakin' last... Ahhh...god I'm tired. ^_^;; G'night everyone!)

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