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... W e l c o m e To My W o r l d ... Sexay Dawn (ravenseyecandi) wrote,
@ 2003-09-16 01:21:00
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    Today was funny... I'm sure everyone who matters knows of my boyfriend's ex girlfriend Brandi? Well, her mother owns a lingerie/clubwear/bikini shop called Crystal's Creations. And today we went shopping out by Dequindre and 11 Mile, which is around the area of her mom's store. And I was like I will totally go in there and beat Brandi down, just cause I'm bored. *LoL* And he's like nah no you won't. I was like YES! I would. And he's like go ahead then, I dare you. So I'm like No doubt!

    So I go up into the store, and I'm looking around like I'm interested and shit, and then I was like, Hey aren't you Brandi's mom? And she's like yeah, yeah.. And I was like I haven't seen Brandi since I went to school with her, last I heard she was pregnant right? And she's like yeah she just had that kid, he's a year old now and she's due with another one any day now, we're hoping it's a girl and how she's married and everything now. And I was like oh, was it that one dude's? And she goes Mike? (my bf) And I was like yeah.. Cause there was rumors going around that the baby was his. So anyway, she's like yeah it is, we're trying our hardest not to let that asshole know where Dylan (the baby) and Brandi are, but they're living in Arkansas. We don't want him to have nothing to do with Mike and all this crap. And so I found that bit of info out.l

    And then she was blabbing on about how she supposidly has some pictures of Mike in Brandi's bra and panties with make up on and shit and I was like laughing cause the bitch is a liar but it's just so funny how she talks shit. And anyway, she was telling me how Brandi got molested by her step dad when she was like six or seven and I'm just like lady, I could be some fucking lying stranger to you, which mind you I basically am, and she is telling me all of her personal information about her daughter just because I SAID I used to be friends with her.

    So anyway, everytime I kept trying to tell her that I had to go cause I was in there for like 20-30 minutes and Mike was waiting out in the car... She kept blabbing on and on, and I guess Mike had been honking the horn but I couldn't hear it from inside the building. Anyway, he ends up getting impatient and comes into the store, and she's like oh there he is now.. And I heard the door open and it's one of those really quiet stores all the time with like only one customer in the store at a time usually, so I was thinking I know he wasn't stupid enough to walk up in here and blow my cover, but he did. And he was like "Hi" really sarcastically. And then she's like you two aren't together are you? And Mike was like I just got back up from Arizona, this is my brother's girlfriend. And Brandi's mom was like, so you just lied to me? And I'm like yeah doesn't that suck? *LoL* Cause earlier I had told her that I hadn't talked to Mike in like a year but I heard that he was in jail and shit. And so she's like get out of my store and blah blah. So as I was walking out I'm like fuck you bitch! *LOL*

    Anyway Mike was all like she probly called the cops on us cause she's a bitch like that, and I was like nah she probably didn't. Because she stood outside and watched us pull off, I'm sure it might have been to get the license plate number. And as we were driving home we saw a cop and Mike was freaking out cause he hates cops and shit, they pretty much make anyone nervous but anyway, back to the topic.. I was like they would of pulled us over and shit if she called. And by the time we got home, there were no cops there and I was like that bitch was fronting because when you call a license plate in they come to the house the car is registered at, so yeah. She obviously didn't. Cause I know that from the time that me and Mike and Joe and Ellen were "hole shotting" down the dirt road and some nosey bitch called the cops on us. (LOL ELLEN)

    Okay my fingers hurt, bye bye!

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