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Rachel (rapturous_voice) wrote,
@ 2004-06-01 20:49:00
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    meh.....yea i havent updated in a little while. i'll recap now.

    sunday--got up uber early and went to columbus and got kimchi and dried papaya.....yum! then went over jackies house with trisha to work on our video.....but we wound up playing dai hin min for about three hours while trisha fretted about alicia, because alicia wasnt in town. trisha was dai fu go 17 friggin times! bitch....i was dai fo go only seven, and jackie was only six....oh well. then alicia apparently came back and came over. yea obviously we didnt do anything after that.....

    monday--went over jackies at like 11-ish. we resisted the urge to play dai hin min and got most of our project done. haha our video is hilarious...... bad we re-taped it today. but its funny because in one part trisha runs up to the camera and goes "i am so scared" like in the blair witch movie, but this time she like tackled jackie and it screwed up the camera haha. and alicia was over the whole time so trisha and her were *ahem* a tad occupied most of the free time.....haha but we pretty much finished it. and also, right after school i walked with jessi to 7-eleven and she introduced me to.......NO FEAR. the best drink EVER haha.

    well i must go, so im gonna end the entry with some quotes from the weekend:
    "THE PHONES!!!"
    "i am so scared...."
    "do you have any aces? no. you dont. i have them all!!! hahahahaha!!"
    "ow....i think my lip is bleeding"

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