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Rachel (rapturous_voice) wrote,
@ 2004-05-12 20:19:00
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    Current mood: bored
    Current music:nickelback--long road home

    1. Hair color?
    ummmm.....dark.....not blond.....possible dyed/streaked with a red/purple/blue tint?
    2. Eye color?
    3. Height?
    taller than me (which isnt hard to do)
    4.Six pack?
    sure why not
    5. Long or short hair?
    umm.....not bald or crew cut....has to have a decent amount of hair....but shorter than shoulders
    6. Glasses?
    7. Piercings?
    8. Scars? lol
    9. Eyebrows?
    no unibrows or caterpillar eyebrows.....but not feminine eyebrows either
    10. Big butt or little?
    11. Chest hair?
    no body hair. at all. none. zip. zilch. ZERO.
    12. Buff or skinny? steroidal-looking jock....but not a wimpy-looking guy
    13. Straight teeth, gap, or braces?
    straight teeth, duh! but.....josh hartnett pulls off that little tooth gap VERY well =P
    14. Funny or serious?
    funny. end of discussion.
    15. Party or stay at home?
    party and stay at home
    16. Should he cook or bake?
    sure....but he shouldnt be able to make like... a perfect souffle or whatever....then i would worry
    17. Should he have a best friend?
    DUH! everyone has to....
    18. Should he have a lot of girl friends?
    whatever he wants
    19. Outgoing or shy?
    ummm.....slightly shy at times....but outgoing most of the time
    20. Sarcastic or sincere?
    sarcastic at times but serious when he needs to be
    21. Should he love his mother?
    of course. everyone should
    22. Should he watch chick flicks?
    yes, but only with me. if he watched them on his own id be a little worried.
    23. Would he be a smoker?
    ehh.....if he wants to. but i dont really want to date a chimney. hypocrite, yes i know.
    24. Would he drink?
    25. Would he swear?
    i would think he was abnormal if he didnt
    26. Would he play with your hair?
    27. One or more girls at one time?
    what the frig kind of question is that???? ONE! ME!!! bitch.
    28. Would he pay for dates?
    for the first date. after that, 50/50
    29. Does he kiss on the first date?
    just kiss? ;D
    30. Where would you go to dinner?
    umm....i dont really like fancy resturants.....olive garden, applebees, the coin, whatever. as long as its not like a taco-cart or mcdonalds lol
    31.Would he bring you flowers?
    32. Would he lay under the stars with you?
    define the afforementioned "lay", and ill get back to you......heh jk...i think....but if you mean laying on your back looking at stars, then yes, that would be so romantic.....
    33. Would he write poetry about you?
    sure why not?
    34. Would he call you hunny, sweetie, or baby? names are so overrated....hun at the most
    35. Would he hang out with you and your friends?
    36. Would you hang out with him and his friends?
    37. Will he walk you to the door at the end?
    no...wouldnt want to risk my dad seeing him.
    38. Holding hands?
    39. Soccer?
    40. Baseball?
    prolly not dating any guy who plays a sport in which its acceptable to slap other guys on the ass.
    41. Basketball?
    see previous question....unless its that hot guy from the st. joe team....i know steph knows who im talking about!
    42. Football?
    no....see answer to baseball
    43. Waterpolo?
    .....are there speedos involved?
    44. Surf?
    45. Skateboard?
    yes that would be hottness heh
    46. Snowboard?
    yes! <3 snow!
    47. Sing?
    yes in a band
    48. Play guitar?
    yes in a band
    49. Play piano?
    eh....if he wants
    50. Play drums?
    yes in a band (i know its impossible for a guy to play guitar, drums, and sing in a band....but hey it would be hot right?)
    51. Clean his room?
    not a neat freak, not a pig....somewhere in the middle
    52. Paint, draw, sculpt?
    53. Writes his own music?
    yeah guys who write music are so cute
    54. Use the word dude?
    nah...maybe once in a blue moon
    55. Use the word tight?
    56. Would he watch the sunrise with you?
    and sunsets!
    57. What kind of car does he drive?
    one that runs. and looks halfway decent
    58. How old is he?
    about the same age....or older
    59. What's his name?
    well, if i told you then you would know too....=D

    well that was fun! that is my ideal guy, you know you're jealous. y'all want him. i know.

    well today was ok....nothing spectacular. took lab test in bio. in gym i had a headache so i sat and talked with amanda, melissa, and.....dennis. yea i know i havent talked to him in a looong time. he's not as bad a guy as SOME people made him out to be, and he admitted what he did in 8th grade was shitty. AND he agrees with me and everyone else about that girl....hehehe.....ummm notes in geometry=boring. hehe tried to watch mrs. adair get through her lesson, but she kept being interuppted by everyone. it was hilarious. watched trisha feel up jess trying to get plastic knives away from her....which i still have in my pocketbook. learned that you can shave with a plastic knife. watched dances with wolves in history. roamed around the school in tv/media. took test in english that i got a hundred on. w00t!. walked home with jess and kyle, was joined by trisha and alicia when kyle left. stopped at D&D's on the way home and got a free water ice....<3 them. umm then i came home. thats about it....oh and maybe getting the van helsing DVD. hottness, yea i know.

    and thats about it for now.....toodles y'all!

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