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Elizabeth (rapevictimfairy) wrote,
@ 2004-05-04 21:03:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music: Mom and Shelly giggling over something

    I bought Ribbon.... and other girly yeah
    Jill's a hottie. Matt seems cool enough. I love goldfishes 'cause they're so delicous and i am stuck on band-aid brand 'cause thier band-aid's stuck on me.

    soo umm, if you don't feel like reading sappy crap, stop reading. Right now. you've been fairly warned.

    *takes deep breath* yesterday my brother helped me realize how horribly i was treating my father. I sort of just casted him out of my life.... i guess because it's easyer to believe him to be the terrible person my mother portrays him as when he's not here. It's easyer not to hurt when I push him out of my mind. So Mike insisted that i call him, as soon as i wrote down the number and brought the phone in my room i sat down and just started sobing partly because of guilt for trying to erase him from my memory, and partly because I was disgusted at myself for being such a coward.... I was terrified to tell him all of this, i didn't know what he would think. When i finally calmed down he called me back and i burst into tears again. He basically told me that i have no reason to be upset, that i was in his thoughts everyday and it doesn't matter if we talk once every three months or everyday, he knows i love him and he's just content to know that i'm happy. That was a runon sentance. I finally fixed things between us and it feels pretty damn good to have my Dad back, faults and all.

    i have so much freaking makeup homework.

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