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Dorkus Maximus (randyrocks_00) wrote,
@ 2003-04-09 22:27:00
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    Current mood: annoyed
    Current music:Cute without the "e"- Taking Back Sunday

    Warped Tour & Spring Break
    Howdy! I just found out that this one rumor with finch might be true! I was on their website a couple of days ago and this guy on the message boards posted that Finch was dropping outta Warped Tour due to "personal reasons" what the fuck is that suppose to mean. Then this guy kept saying oh they're gonna break up, they're gonna break up. It made me so mad I swear if they broke up I would jump off the roof of my house. I LOVE FINCH MORE THEN LIFE ITSELF!!! My family is all mad at me because I don't love them anymore. Lol. Well anyways, I decided to check for myself so I went to the Warped Tour website to see what's up. So I'm looking at the complete list of bands and I don't see Finch. I start to panic. I guess it's kinda dumb for me to get all worried becayse they weren't even gonna be on tour when the tour was gonna be here, but what about all the other Finch fans, Huh? They're being let down. It's kinda dumb to that they don't post it in the news, but yet it says that Avril Lavinge isn't gonna be there. OMG MY WORLD IS CRUMBLING DOWN AROUND ME! AVRIL ISN'T GONNA BE AT WARPED TOUR. *sarcasm* Who the FUCK cares about AVRIL? She a stupid popstar. It makes me so mad. Oh well. I'm still gonna go cuz i wanna see Taking Back Sunday and the Used.
    Spring break is now only 2 days away! 2 weeks, NO 3 weeks! I forgot my moms putting me on independent study the week I'm suppose to go back because she's going to Vegas and I don't have a ride to school and i live like 2 miles away from school. YES!!! My mom's making me stay at my dads for the 2 weeks were off because she's sick of us kids. Lol. I like it at my dads better anyways. He lets me stay up as late as I want, he lets me watch anything I want, he lets me stay on the phone or computer all day, It's great! Well I'm gonna go to bed now. Bye. FEED THE BLACK!

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