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Dorkus Maximus (randyrocks_00) wrote,
@ 2003-06-14 00:20:00
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    Current mood: determined
    Current music:Glassjaw // Mu Empire

    BEACH DAY!!!!
    Oh my god today was beach day and it was so cool. Beach day is only for 8th graders and it only happens at the end of the year and we spend all day at the beach on a school day. So I get to school I decided I DIDN'T want to wear a bathing suit because I knew I wasn't gonna go in the water. I just wore board shorts and a drive-thru records tee. I'm not really a ocean type of person. It's dirty and icky I hate the ocean. But I still wanted to go to the beach so I can hang with my friends and not have to go to school. So I get to school and I went in the auditorium because that's where we had to meet and I was surprised to see Tyler there. I thought he couldn't go because he gets pretty bad grades and you have to have decent grades to go. Well I thought oh well. If you don't know, Tyler is this guy that is really really HOT but a total jackass to me and my friends. He seems so cool like the music he listens to is cool but he hangs out with a bunch of preps. I don't really understand why I am like in love him him because I know for a fact he hates me. He thinks I'm annoying and stupid. Lets see I've liked him since the beginning of the year and I have 4 more days of school I not once have I talked to him... I guess I'm just a pussy.
    Well anyways he was going to the beach I thought "Yay he's going to the beach yay, he's gonna go swimming yay he's gonna look wet and sexie" lol. So I'm getting ready to get on the bus with Savannah, Tempest, and Casey. Then I find Melissa and Amanda. So I got on one of the buses it just so happened to be the one Tyler WASN'T ON! Yeah.... So Savannah sat next to me on the way to the beach. We didn't really talk on the way over there. I just listened to my CD player. It was kinda funny because I saw him and Michael on another bus I waved but I don't think they saw me. Ashley B. saw me and waved back... She thought I was waving to her lol. It's okay Ashley's pretty cool.
    So we finally get there after being on the bus for what seemed like forever. The we unloaded the U-Haul with all the boogie boards and chairs and stuff. I saw Tyler get his chair... I stood behind him... Anyways Casey let me use her chair while she went boogie boarding. Tyler sat up his stuff about 15ft away from our group (Me, savannah, casey, amanda, tempest, melissa, christy, danielle, lindsey, casey c., jessica, and brittany) So he went in the water right away with Michael. He pretty much sat up is stuff and drove right in. Well everyone left me so I just sat in the sun and listened to music. So an hour in a half later Brianna calls me on my cell phone from her house her mom picked her up early from school. We talked for a while then everyone came out of the water and got food. There was a huge bar-b-que. So me and melissa and Amanda go get burgers and I come back and sit down and I look to my right and I can see Tyler.... beautiful Tyler.... eating chips.... with his shirt OFF!.... all wet..... GOD HE LOOKED SO FUCKING HOT! Um sorry hehe. Well he just looked so hot. All I wanted to do was go over and say hi BUT I'm a fucking pussy and if I like someone they will never know it NEVER! I'm just a loser...
    Caitlyn called me a little later she's exspelled so she talked to me. I wish she could've been there because she likes Tyler too. PLUS I know she would've MADE ME go talk to him. And I don't think you know how bad I wanted to talk to him. I knew if Caitlyn was there she'd be like," You wanna talk to him come one," then she would grab my arm and pull me over there and be like "talk or i'll kick your ass". So then we'd approch him, me probably looking at my shoes trying not to look up because my face would be bright red from blushing of embassment. Then Caitlyn would probably say something like, "Yo, my friend here wants to say something to you," or "Hey this girl right here has the hots for you will you go out with here?" But was she there, NO. She was never there for me when I need her. I wish I had some sorta confedense or self-essteen so that I can talk to guys on my own with out my friends always telling my what to say.
    After he was done eating he sat by himself, Michael went boogie boarding. He just layed in his chair and listened to his CD player which I also did. It was kinda funny because i'd look over then I'd look away and a little bit later I'd see him looking at me though the corner of me eye. Yeah he always stares at me I don't know why. In english he does that too. I don't know why maybe cuz I'm fat, annoying, stupid, lame, ugly..... the list goes on and on.
    Anyways yea he was hot... I'm gonna miss him all summer long k bye.

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