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Dorkus Maximus (randyrocks_00) wrote,
@ 2003-05-10 22:16:00
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    Current mood: horny
    Current music:Bile-Love Stinks

    Uraniums on.... I love this show. This might sound a tad lesbian but JULIYA'S FUCKIN HOT!!!! JULIYA ROCKS!!! Man shes so... shes so... FUCKIN HOT! Lol. I dunno she's just sexy as fuck. She's the reason why I like metal now. Lol. Okay I'm done... Well I'm still kinda depressed about my dream. Ya know what sucks. The Civic Tour is gonna be in town the day before my birthday and I don't know if my mommy got me tickets for my Bday. I hope she did. I watched The Princess Diarys cuz it was on TV and I was bored okay! Well anyways ya know the geeky sorta guy, well I kept thinking man that guy looks SO familiar and he was talking about a band and a car or something I dunno I wasn't really paying attention. I was like how come I know that guy and I figured out that he was from Rooney. After a while I saw it more. I remembered seeing Rooneys video on MTV once and I was like omg thats the lead singer guy. It was really weird. I met this nice dude Sean he's 15 and he's really nice my friend Brianna is confinced, "U 2 ARE GONNA BE AN 'ITEM' SOMEDAY" shes weird. He is cute and nice but I don't thionk he's interested. Plus I'm in love with another man thats right Benjamin Levi Madden!!! Man Benji rocks. So does Juliya. I'd fuck um both lol. I'm not a lesbian and I'm not bi... I'm just attracked to Juliya thats the only chick that I think is hot. I'm gonna go 2 sleep now im tired.

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