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Dorkus Maximus (randyrocks_00) wrote,
@ 2003-04-30 23:56:00
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    Current mood: pissed off
    Current music:She's Over It by Never Heard Of It

    My Dream
    Well latley I've been thinking about Benji from Good Charlotte a lot. He's a hottie! And a couple of dayz ago they were on this show IMX on MMUSA/Fuse and it was just a really kick ass intereview and stuff, but Juliya one of the hosts wasnt on that day. Ya know the metal one she has her own show on the same channel Uranium... ring any bells? Come on! The really hot goth chick! Yea her. She's pretty hot for a chick. Well I thought it would be cool if her and Benj' hooked up. I mean they're both REALLY HOT! Ya know. So I had this dream that I sorta looked like her and this is how it goes...

    I looked like Juliya a lot. The hair. The clothes. The peircings. I looked just like her. So I was walking into some club/bar place and they were filming All Things Rock in there. Benji and Joel host that show on MTV. I was looking outta my eyes and then like the picture goes to Benji and Joel as if now I was the camera. Sorta? So Joel is about to introduce the next video and they're both looking at the camera reading the cue cards. Then Benji pauses in the middle of his sentence and gets up and walks slowly over to me as I enter the room... kinda in a trans. Then I'm looking through my eyes again (the dream goes back and forth eyes then to camera). Benji walks over to me. Then it goes back to camera and Joel was like Benj' we're kinda in the middle of the show?!" Then he points to the Benji and me and smiles. "Come on Benji!" He shouts. The camera zooms in on us (That's how I got to see myself.) Now my vision shifts back to me. "I saw your tattoo, I couldn't help but come over here", he said. Joels still sorta yelling at Benji but he doesnt notice. Lol. Benji points to my arm. I had a little yellow star outlined in black with the word "hope" in it in cursive lettering. "Look I have the same one" he points to his fore-arm. Back to camera now. "Well um my brother seems to be occupied, haha, so I'll play the video for you kids. Here's AFI with Girls Not Grey", Joel said. Now back to me. So Joel walks over and he was like "DUDE?!" but not in a mean way he kinda smiled. Benji turns around. "Hey bro" he says. I wave hi. "What are you doing" Joel asked. Benji was like "This is um... This is..." I was like "I'm Macy". lol "Ya. Macy" Benji said. "Look bro she's got the same tat as me..." I showed Joel. He was just like "Neat. we have to get back to show." And so Benji was like "Do you wanna come sit with us until we finish the show?" I was like Sure! So then we sat down in front of the camera. I sat in between the twins. "That was just Marilyn Manson with 'Mobsence' " Joel said to the camera. (I'm the camera again now sorry I didnt tell you that) Then Joel was like "Look at who decided to join us again" points to Benji. "And look it's our new friend Macy..." He looks at me in that sorta "man your hot" kinda way. I just smile and wave to the camera. Benji got a little jelous. "No dude, she's just MY friend." He says while he puts his arm around me. Joel was just like "Okay...." Then they were introducing another video and while they were doing that I had a cheesy vision... (Back to me again) ya know the one where me and Benji are running towards each other in a field. Lol. Then they went to commercial. Benji was like "Um...? So do you um live around here?" (I wasn't quite sure where I really was I think I was in NY) "Yea I live 2 blocks away from here" I answered. "Thats Awesome" he said. "What do you do?" I said that i was a drummer in my band. And he was like that's cool. The show was over now. Me and Benji talked some more Joel still sat with us. "Did anyone ever tell you that you have beautiful lips?" Benji asked. I blushed. Then he kissed me. "Soft too" he laughed. I was like "Shhhh...." And we had this long passionate kiss that seem like it lasted forever. Lol. Joel was just like watching. He was about to say something but Benji was like "Macy I know I just met you but you're the most beautiful girl I have ever seen and I think I'm in love with you. I seriously want to spend the rest of my life with... you." And I was like "really?!" And he was like "Really, Really." then I was like "I love you to benji." And then we had one of those long passionate kisses again. And Joel was like "But I love you also Macy..." And I gave him a kiss too, just to shut him up. I told Benji that. hehe. And then right as we were leaving the bar I woke up.

    I think that was the best dream I had ever had. EVER! It was great. But the sad thing is it was only a dream... and I was mad when it was over. Well g2g bye.

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