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Dorkus Maximus (randyrocks_00) wrote,
@ 2003-04-16 10:51:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:Daylight- Endor

    Well little kiddies how are you? I'm good thanx. So it's Wedsnday April, 16th my 3rd offical day of spring break! The weekend doesn't count. So I updated my Xprofile you might wanna check it out i got some awesome Journal icons you guys can steal. (I stole them) Hehe. So a couple of nights ago, Like Monday or Sunday, I was talking to my friend Briannas cousin online. He is so cool! He likes all the same music as me and stuff it was awesome. OMG yesterday, well I have these guy neighbors that like to hang out in front of my window and play foot ball in the street (My window faces the street.) and yesterday one of them walked by my window with their friends and his friend was HOT! He looked like a little punk rocker dude he was so cute he looked about 14 and i was blasting Finch out my window as usual and they stopped in front my window. I was sitting on my bed right next to the window with my stereo and he looked up and said something to my neighbor and he shugged and then the hot guy waved to my and smiled and I waved back and they continued up the street. We had a moment. Lol. Yep. Hehe was HOT!!! Since I moved about a couple of months ago I haven't really had time to talk to my nieghbors or get to know them. I wish I did know them so I can talk to their friends. Like a few days ago a bunch of guys were in front of my window it was like 10:00 at night and they were just hanging out.
    Well anyways I watched my drive-thru records DVD about 20 times yesterday! "Buddy's so cultured...." hehe. "I'm not cultured, I'm not fuckin cultured, Fuck you! You don't even know how to read a map." lol. Senses Fail rock! I saw them when I went to go see Finch like last month with A Static Lullaby and The Movielife. Yea. That was an awesome show! I got to meet Mike from Senses Fail too. I was going to the bathroom right after Senses Fail played and I wanted a Sense Fail shirt and Mike was at the merch stand all sweaty and stuff. It was great!!! Lol. Yep. And I got to see Randy in all his Randyness... Man I'd pull his pants off with my teeth... Lol. He is the hottest fucker EVER!!! Randy rawks my world! He's so sexy..... Well yea. So is Benji from Good Charlotte those are the 2 hottest guys ever. I'm kinda sick of people calling Good Charlotte sellouts. THEYRE NOT. Just because they're on MTV makes them sellouts I see. Well i hate MTV (they play to much crap it's suppose to be music television!) but that's not the point. The point is a sellout is a person or group pf people that change their style of music just to be popular. Good Charlotte's music has always been Pop-Punk. Happy sounding music ya know. Just becuase people actually enjoy their music and buy their CD don't make them sellouts. It's not like they did this on purpose... Well that's it for me for right now see ya.

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