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Mike Holynski (rammstein816) wrote,
@ 2005-04-30 13:42:00
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    Current mood: anxious
    Current music:Catch 22 - Alone In A Crowd

    variety is the spice of life and that's the only time the word spice will be used in relation to me
    So yesterday I listened to a sick variety of music: Big D, Catch 22, Scofflaws, Bad Manners, Bosstones, Casualties, Clash, Green Day, Lennon, FBR/DT Records Sampler. Yeah it was a productive night, not really, but I finished my project for management. Tonight's the Slackers with Amanda. Yay for Slackers and yay for Amanda.

    Sunday was damn fun. I caught a guitar pick from the Planet Smashers and drove their band members insane trying to get me a cd. Rex Banner conquered Emergenza but is that any surprise. Tuesday I went to the Rocha-cha with Tony and got lost as usual but it was only 15 minutes this time. Kane Hodder ripped it up, they're seriously good and different. HIPV sucked ass and you can tell the difference when you listen to their song on the FBR/DT sampler. Allister was tight but the crowd sucked. Less Than Jake could've played a better set but it was long. The crowd sucked once again. What music don't they push too? Thursday was mad fun. We got lost going to and coming from Bonaventure but it wasn't that bad. We walked around the campus and blended in. We tried to infiltrate the arena early but failed. We sat in a computer lab for like 1.5 hours. "Do you know where the lab asst is?" Tony's response "No I haven't seen HER." Classic just classic. Amber somehow found me and it was nice to see her. We talked for a good long time and I'm going to find a way to go to her gig at Mohawk Place. Reel Big Fish played a long and good set. Lots of old stuff. Broken legged Trombone player. Good time. Okay tired of typing.

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