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Mike Holynski (rammstein816) wrote,
@ 2005-04-20 23:28:00
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    Current mood: bouncy
    Current music:Less Than Jake - National Anthem

    Random subjects
    So just a thought: Anyone who says that Less Than Jake are no longer ska or their first two cds were good but since then they've gone downhill can kiss my white ass because I still think B is for B-Sides is by far their best cd. Ironically it's better then Anthem even though it's basically the reject songs from that cd. The only bad thing I can say bad about it is it's too short.

    I just right now figured out what I want from Amanda for our 1 year anniversary. It'll cost her close to nothing but a bit of her amazing talent. I love her so much.

    I bought The Clash - London Calling at Best Buy for $10 which I consider a steal even though it was probably $5 back when it came out. I still think Joe Strummer is one of the most soft-spoken political lyricists ever. Also their music isn't in your face political like most of today's punk rock. It's easy to listen to and catchy and diverse and amazing.

    After I bought Evildoers Beware at the Mustard Plug show I listened to it like 5 or 6 times and it's not quite as solid as their other cds but it's catchy and I love the guitar playing.

    But last song on the great cd that is B for B-sides so talk to you all later.

    P.S. I got an interview at Mighty Taco and they're going to re-interview me after they switch over GMs before summer so hopefully I'll have two jobs.

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