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Raine (raine3173) wrote,
@ 2003-06-25 21:14:00
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    I have a story to tell
    Working in the Darkroom

    “Now what?” you ask.
    “We wait,” I say as I move the photo into the fixer.
    “How long?”
    “Oh, about 10 minutes.”
    “What do can we do till then?”
    “We can start on another photo, if you want.”
    “Ok that’s a good idea.”
    I move back to the enlarger and start working on the next photo. You move up behind me and move your body next to mine. I stop all that I’m doing for a second and just take in the felling of you being next to me. I feel your breathing on my neck and this sends a cold chill up my back. You place your hands around my hips and rest your chin on my shoulder. I start working on the photo again, but am distracted when you begin placing little kisses on the neck. You know what this can do to me and I think you enjoy driving me nuts.
    “I don’t think you are paying attention you what I’m doing here.” I say as your hand slowly makes its way up under my shirt.
    You stop and pull away from me. I turn around to face you, longing to have your hands on my body again. You just smile at me in the low red glow of my darkroom light. I know this smile; I know it all to well. You know my body is beginning to need you the more and more as you tease it. You place your hands back on my hips and pull my into you kissing me sweetly on the lips. I wrap my arms around your neck to deepen the kisses and you push my body up against the workbench. We break for air and your hands begin the journey back up my shirt. Only this time it’s up the back of my shirt. I know what you are up to; this is all part of your game. You kiss me again and pull at the back of my bra. In no time you have it unhooked and lose. I don’t know how you can do this so quickly. It takes me a good minute or two to undo myself and I do that everyday, oh well.
    I slowly undo the buttons on my shirt, as you slip it off my shoulders and on to the floor followed by my bra. Your hands now move to my breast and gently hold the nipples and softly roll them between your thumbs and index fingers. Then you put your mouth over one firm, ripe nipple and gently, very gently squeeze it between your teeth and lips. You suck on the firm nipple and can feel you rub your tongue around it. I take in all the feelings you are giving my body and want to give you some as well.
    I push you up against the cold and wet wall of the basement. I lower my hands to the button on your pants and undo them letting them fall to the floor with my shirt and bra. I lower to my knees and position my mouth over your throbbing member. Gently I place the tip of my tongue on the end of your cock and slide the flat of my tongue along that ridge around the tip of it. I trace a line along the underside of your hard erection to your balls. As my tongue caresses the surface of your member, you feel as if you could lose it at any moment.
    I pull back look up at you with a little smile. You knee down next to my and lower my body to the floor. It’s very cold and wet on the back, but this only turns me on more. With one hand on my breast the other finds it way to my pants and slowly undoes them. You pull them down and off my hips with ease. Soon my panties follow and I’m now lying here naked on the cold floor of my darkroom. . .

    More to come. . .

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