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RiLeYbOo (raindr0psx) wrote,
@ 2003-08-16 22:02:00
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    Current mood: frustrated
    Current music:People talking :)

    Oh my gosh! Andy, David, and Ricky are such MEAN cousins. Dude..Ok I have a stuffed animal bunny named Bunnie. I've had her since I was 4. ANDREW, DAVID, AND RICHARD FRIGGEN CUT OFF HER HEAD!!!!!! That is so mean. I screamed oh so very loud. But my mom was like I'll sew it back on. NOW MY POOR LIDDLE BUNNIE'S GUNNA HAVE STITCH MARKS! Those liddle bastards..imma kill em. RAWR! lOl.'s like lightning..and thundering really loud. It's raining hard too. And my mom and my aunts are on the deck drinking they dont care that they're getting soaked. I mean its fun getting wet in the rain..but only if you're like dancing and running around in it, yanno? lol. But yeah...these are the girls that are sleeping in my room tonight. Kaci, Tiffany, Tara, Ashlie, Sydni, Nicole, Jenn, and Rachel...those are my only girl cousins here. But its really fun..we're doin stuff feels like I have sisters..I've always wanted a sister..but i guess my cousins are the next best thing. I'm glad my family's really close and shit...cuz may be really really close to your friends..and they could be real trustworthy, and the best person...but your family's gonna do shit for you that your friends won't ever do. Yeah that sounded really corny. My eye is watering again..its really annoying. Well i'm gonna bounce...Jenn wants to see all my stuffed thats a lot! And I have to chase dear old Andrew. TTYL...gEEz so many long entries today.

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