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Michelle (rainbowmoondrop) wrote,
@ 2004-09-17 22:41:00
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    Current mood: tired

    So I missed my ultrasound and I'm really pissed that I did. They can only do ultrasounds on Thursdays though because that's the only day that the techinician is there. So, I don't know if the baby is too big or not. Who knows. Looks like I'm at least waiting until Monday to find anything else out. They had me go in today though for another stress test although I don't have any clue why. Whatever I guess. I've had two people tell me to drink some Castroil and that it'll send me into labor. It's like an old time laxative. This one chic swears by it, and this guy says his wife did it as well. I dunno though. I don't really feel like having to go to the bathroom every two seconds just so I can have the baby. I'm hoping baby decides to do something tomorrow so it can be born on my dad's birthday. That would be awesome. I dunno though. I somehow doubt that baby's going to do anything until it's made to. I just don't see me going into labor naturally. Who knows though. So I got nice new sheets from my mommy. She got me pale green egyptian cotton (400 thread count) :) Oh yes, they feel absolutley lovely. I was all excited about them, and I told Jason he wasn't aloud to sleep in them until he took a shower, and I took a shower, so we did, and then I made the bed, and got in. It was orgasmic. The sheets are soooo nice. I was sitting there thinking that my water better not break on those nice new sheets or I will be pissed. I dunno. I'm tired. I was reading this magazine and it said that in your 9th month your body is pumping over 45% more blood than usual which makes you feel sleepy. Well they're definitely right about that. Oh, and the director of nursing at the hospital called me and reassured that a complaint was made and it will go on his record, and that I will never have to deal with him again if he's the one on call. THANK GOD. I was very happy. I told my doctor, and he called and talked to the director at the hospital. I love my doctor. He rocks. He just needs to induce my labor, and then he'll be my hero :) Well, I'm going to get off here for now. Hopefully I'll go into labor tonight and I won't have time to update tomorrow, but I probly won't. Well Ciao for now! <3 Me

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