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Ryan (rain_surfer) wrote,
@ 2004-01-07 18:49:00
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    Current mood:ears hurt from sore throat
    Current music:Fefe Dobson- Everything

    Movies, Movies, and Mexican.
    In the famous words of Heather:

    "I saw Butterfly Effect today. I definately reccomend it. It was VERY good. You wouldn't think that it would be because you doubt Ashton Kutcher's potential for seriousness but he pulled off an amazing performance. The story is interesting and not hard to follow at all (well.. that depends on how dumb you are lol). It's such a good movie. I really, really think you should go see it if you're planning on seeing a movie this weekend. Either the Effect or Big Fish. Which is too a very good flick. That's my reccomendation for the evening. LOL"

    Seriously though, both movies are amazing, I plan to own them when they come out on DVD. "Big Fish" makes you cry internally for both the sad and happy moments, which is strange because even the sad parts aren't rip your heart out said, they are a good kind of sad in a sense. Does that make any sense? Well it does if you've seen the movie. "The Butterfly Effect" is just downright AWESOME! It really makes you think, not only about how every little thing that we do now can affect the future but also about the upbringing of our children and how we should raise them. (By the way, I will face up, I did flinch twice during the movie.)

    Okay, well I'm gonna go now cause Johnny's Mom is going to pick me up and then me, her, Stef, Adam, and Johnny's Dad are all going to El Leonicto's for dinner in Titusville.

    *Side note: I saw "Big Fish" Monday and I saw "The Butterfly Effect" last night*

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