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Brian (ragingmessiah) wrote,
@ 2005-01-25 21:40:00
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    Current mood: productive
    Current music:"All The Things She Said" - T.A.T.U.

    She Is Beautiful
    What am I doing besides working on my Broadcasting Laws and Ethics homework? If it's taken you this long to figure it out, there is no longer any hope for you.

    So, which to talk about first...... Lora or classes? How about the one I care about more. Things with Lora are going great. I love spending time with her. The more I do things with her, the more I want to do with her. Hell, she broke my mexican-food-cherry. I found mexican food that I like, all because of her. I'm also thinking she's the best movie partner for me. And an even bigger turn-on... she knows music. She knows and comprehends what music theory that I cannot... which is border-line sexy to me. Hell, what am I saying? It is sexy. *guy moment* And she's got one hell of a body. */end guy moment* I cannot wait until I can hold her in my arms again. */end gay moment.... just kidding.... the gayness never ends*

    So, classes. Yeah... they're still there. I think that as soon as we get into the rhythm of things, Broadcasting is going to be hella-fun. Cinema is alittle rusty with me right now, but after a review of cinematic style and narration, I'll be back in my game. Laws and Ethics... I don't have to say much about. Geography... it could be worse. I do have a better teacher this semester, and I do have James in the class with me. So, the semester could be worse. It'll probably get bad soon... but, it's okay. Lora's smile seems to make everything better.

    Since I seem to have not much else to say, and I no longer have any real good excuse to not be doing my work now, I think I'll get to it. See you in the future...

    "The Charismatic Enigma"

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