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Mark (radonbacon) wrote,
@ 2003-07-05 16:20:00
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    Current mood: worried
    Current music:DDR - Look at us (DJ Daddy)

    Job night
    Weee. Im going to my first day (err night) on the job its not technically tonight but tomorrow morning as it will be at 12:00am but i basically have to leave for it late tonight. Lucky for me this first day is going to be sunday so i get paid time and a half (T.5? :P). To be honest, im a tad nervous.

    I hope mandas ear gets better soon, i dont like seeing her in pain.
    Its gonna suck not being home when she goes to bed. I love Manda. At least i get to buy us an air conditioner soon.

    We all had a wonderful drinking and talking and dancedancing good time. Spent the night with Manda, Rachael and Sarah having fun. We didnt have alot of alcohol but we drank the last of what was in the house, even sarah drank half a mikes hard which was the coolest ever because i was starting to feel bad about drinking around her as i didnt know how she felt when i did. I had soo much fun. Last night really made me happy. I love the girls very much.

    Next time ill break out the glowsticks.

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