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Ron (quixilver) wrote,
@ 2004-06-14 15:42:00
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    Current mood: disappointed

    basketball jones...
    KooYeahRoN [12:52 PM]: hey bro
    AIR TRIX [12:53 PM]: hey bro...i just read the email
    KooYeahRoN [12:53 PM]: got a roster spot open?
    AIR TRIX [12:53 PM]: i guess, but then i haven't really gotten our rosters set yet
    KooYeahRoN [12:54 PM]: hey dude... if you want a 6th man and a true point, lemme know
    AIR TRIX [12:54 PM]: who?
    KooYeahRoN [12:54 PM]: me and marlon
    AIR TRIX [12:55 PM]: i thought you have your rosters set already?
    AIR TRIX [12:55 PM]: i thought you're captain of one of the VF teams?
    KooYeahRoN [12:56 PM]: yeah well
    KooYeahRoN [12:56 PM]: people haven't been showing up to practices
    KooYeahRoN [12:56 PM]: so i said fuckit
    AIR TRIX [12:56 PM]: oh....aight
    KooYeahRoN [12:56 PM]: can't even pick up the phone to call me and tell me they aint gonna make it
    AIR TRIX [12:57 PM]: we'll see...coz i just started getting everyone from geneva together
    KooYeahRoN [12:57 PM]: o ok cool
    KooYeahRoN [12:57 PM]: yeah offer's on the table
    KooYeahRoN [12:57 PM]: i'll even take a $17M paycut
    KooYeahRoN [12:57 PM]: :-D
    AIR TRIX [12:57 PM]: dude...but if you me and rick are on the same we'd be a really good team
    AIR TRIX [12:58 PM]: i'm sorry bro....but your butts are getting handed to you by the pistons...
    KooYeahRoN [12:58 PM]: i know
    KooYeahRoN [12:58 PM]: i wouldnt be too bummed if coach brown won though... i love that guy
    AIR TRIX [12:58 PM]: yeah...
    KooYeahRoN [12:58 PM]: they've been playing like bitches all year anyway
    AIR TRIX [12:59 PM]: it's like they're trying to skate thru the whole thing
    KooYeahRoN [12:59 PM]: yeah...
    KooYeahRoN [12:59 PM]: i think they're scared of the pistons
    KooYeahRoN [1:00 PM]: that's how they're playing at least
    AIR TRIX [1:00 PM]: and since their intimidation factor just went to the toilet...they're in big trouble....thats like their biggest asset lately
    AIR TRIX [1:00 PM]: not really scared, but they didn't give the pistons credit
    KooYeahRoN [1:01 PM]: true... their spacing is way off... that's how the pistons have been able to crowd kobe and shaq
    AIR TRIX [1:02 PM]: i feel sorry for phil tho...he got kobe to be a playmaker for 5 out of 192 minutes total in the finals
    KooYeahRoN [1:02 PM]: yeah
    AIR TRIX [1:03 PM]:'s also that kobe's been hogging the ball...throwing up rediculous shots
    KooYeahRoN [1:03 PM]: he's frustrated already... that's why
    AIR TRIX [1:03 PM]: can pass the ball to someone else if you don't have a shot
    KooYeahRoN [1:04 PM]: i know how frustrating it can get when you got 3 guys on you because your teammates can't shoot
    KooYeahRoN [1:04 PM]: no one else have scored in double digits for them, that's why i'm afraid they WILL lose
    AIR TRIX [1:05 PM]: oh btw..speaking of ball hog...we're running the phil jackson triangle...nic was here a few weekends and we got him and tim running the weakside of the triangle pretty well
    KooYeahRoN [1:05 PM]: yeah he told me
    AIR TRIX [1:06 PM]: oh ok
    AIR TRIX [1:06 PM]: anyway...i can't wait for game 5 tho
    KooYeahRoN [1:06 PM]: yeah dude.... you need a spot up shooter.. lemme know
    AIR TRIX [1:07 PM]: know the tex winter's triangle needs a few mid range shooters
    KooYeahRoN [1:08 PM]: yeah
    KooYeahRoN [1:08 PM]: i can definitely hit that
    AIR TRIX [1:09 PM]: yeah so no big deal...and i thought tim and nic to read so we don't really need to call out's all reading the defense
    KooYeahRoN [1:09 PM]: yeah... that sounds really exciting
    AIR TRIX [1:09 PM]: yeah...i can't wait
    KooYeahRoN [1:09 PM]: i've been trying to get guys to come to practice... we can't even run simple drills because no one shows up
    KooYeahRoN [1:10 PM]: i don't think there's anything wrong with playing for fun... but i want to compete.. so obviously i have a different mindset than everyone else except pastor
    AIR TRIX [1:10 PM]: yeah...i don't have full rosters up yet...the other guys just graduated hi school so they have been busy lately
    KooYeahRoN [1:11 PM]: out of the 18 people who signed up we get an average of 4 to 6 people in practice
    AIR TRIX [1:12 PM]: well i have 12 right now, but the people who actually practiced ricky nic tim
    KooYeahRoN [1:12 PM]: o i c
    AIR TRIX [1:12 PM]: but i have 2 more big men, 2 more guards, and 4 more swingmen
    AIR TRIX [1:13 PM]: we'll see if they can get to practices
    KooYeahRoN [1:13 PM]: sounds like a good lineup
    AIR TRIX [1:13 PM]: does, but the thing is will they show up
    KooYeahRoN [1:14 PM]: we only have 2 big men... 3 because the other one's overweight
    KooYeahRoN [1:14 PM]: true
    AIR TRIX [1:15 PM]: nah, we have nic and mike b...who look like twins from behind and then we have fred who's tall and skinny...thats the 3 big men
    KooYeahRoN [1:17 PM]: cool
    AIR TRIX [1:18 PM]: joel is our point, but he's unsure if he's available in august...then there's tim, and jamesAc,
    KooYeahRoN [1:18 PM]: timmy can play point?
    AIR TRIX [1:19 PM]: nah...he plays off...he's the weakside guard
    KooYeahRoN [1:20 PM]: i know ian's excited too so i think grace might be another team to look out for
    AIR TRIX [1:20 PM]: sweet...i like the prospect of pinole tho
    KooYeahRoN [1:20 PM]: nic was saying that if i did end up playing with you guys it wouldn't be fair because we'll be like an all-star team
    KooYeahRoN [1:20 PM]: hahah
    AIR TRIX [1:20 PM]: even tho gabe is the only one i know who's "to watch out for"
    KooYeahRoN [1:21 PM]: yeah pinole looks interesting
    KooYeahRoN [1:21 PM]: his brother's ok too i think
    AIR TRIX [1:21 PM]: yeah, but i haven't seen his bro play
    KooYeahRoN [1:21 PM]: pastor's played him and he said he was good
    KooYeahRoN [1:22 PM]: gabe's better though
    AIR TRIX [1:22 PM]: if anything you'd be can play guard and still bang around with the forwards
    KooYeahRoN [1:22 PM]: true
    KooYeahRoN [1:23 PM]: for the most part i was just frustrated with the lack of participation from the folkers who signed up on my team so even if i sit out this year it would still save me a world of headaches
    KooYeahRoN [1:23 PM]: i just don't want to play witrh vf this year
    KooYeahRoN [1:24 PM]: so whether i'm playing with another team or not... i just don't want to be with them this year
    AIR TRIX [1:24 PM]: and ricky were planning to bench ourselve and have an all under21 team...then if we get in troule we can insert ourselves in the lineup
    KooYeahRoN [1:25 PM]: true
    AIR TRIX [1:25 PM]: all good....that is pretty frustrating if no one goes to practice
    KooYeahRoN [1:25 PM]: that's why i'd rather be 6th man
    KooYeahRoN [1:25 PM]: even if i played for vf i'd be benching myself too
    AIR TRIX [1:26 PM]: man i hope everyone goes tho
    KooYeahRoN [1:26 PM]: yeah... you guys are gonna be good
    AIR TRIX [1:27 PM]: whats funny is when i was working on me tim nic and ricky...i was like what if we're going to be the only guys running an offense
    KooYeahRoN [1:27 PM]: well you guys were the only ones there
    AIR TRIX [1:28 PM]: no i meant for the tournament
    KooYeahRoN [1:28 PM]: oh
    KooYeahRoN [1:28 PM]: haha
    AIR TRIX [1:28 PM]: i kow you guys would too, but i wasn't so sure about the others
    KooYeahRoN [1:28 PM]: nic runs a good pick n roll
    KooYeahRoN [1:29 PM]: just gotta remind him to roll sometimes
    AIR TRIX [1:29 PM]: yeahhe does...but now his 2 man with tim is bomb
    KooYeahRoN [1:29 PM]: awesome
    AIR TRIX [1:30 PM]: i spent a whole saturday with them running 2man games...with me running bailout
    KooYeahRoN [1:30 PM]: sweet
    AIR TRIX [1:31 PM]: whats cool is every play they did...i stopped and talked to them and them ran the same play over again
    KooYeahRoN [1:31 PM]: yeah
    AIR TRIX [1:31 PM]: we had our friend JR be tims defender so on picks he knows when to drive, shoot, pass to nic, pass to the bailout
    KooYeahRoN [1:32 PM]: well i was hoping i'd get to do that my my guys... but since i'm going to the pi this july i won't be with them for a whole month... and i was hoping i'd get an opportunity before then to coach them but people didn't show up so it's pointless
    AIR TRIX [1:33 PM]: on give and goes, nic can read when he can shoot, drive, dribble handoff to tim, pass to tim cutting backdoor, pass to bailout
    KooYeahRoN [1:33 PM]: that's pretty sweet
    AIR TRIX [1:34 PM]: we're on different sides....3 of my guys are getting back in july, so hopefully they can learn the triangle in a month
    KooYeahRoN [1:35 PM]: i'm sure they can... y'all should be able to meet during the weekdays too
    KooYeahRoN [1:35 PM]: the closer it gets run some 2-a-day's
    AIR TRIX [1:36 PM]: i dunno...the guys who have work (the old school) mght not be able to, but the under21 crew should be able to
    KooYeahRoN [1:37 PM]: well make it available
    AIR TRIX [1:37 PM]: yeah....
    KooYeahRoN [1:37 PM]: if they can't make it, then it's ok
    KooYeahRoN [1:37 PM]: but at least the option's there
    AIR TRIX [1:38 PM]: man...i can't wait
    KooYeahRoN [1:39 PM]: yeah... i'm sure it'll be exciting
    KooYeahRoN [1:52 PM]: as far as you know which churches do you think are sending teams?
    KooYeahRoN [1:52 PM]: if you can have all 12 people in your team you'd have to cut your team in half
    AIR TRIX [1:52 PM]: not really sure...
    AIR TRIX [1:52 PM]: yeah, but then again not all of them will be able to make it
    KooYeahRoN [1:52 PM]: true
    KooYeahRoN [1:54 PM]: yeah i'm probably going to call the lay leader sometime this week
    KooYeahRoN [1:54 PM]: and then we can send out the official announcement by the end of june
    AIR TRIX [1:54 PM]: cool...did they have a meeting yesterday?
    KooYeahRoN [1:54 PM]: i'm not even sure.. but by the time i call they should have had a week or so to discuss it
    AIR TRIX [1:55 PM]: thats cool
    KooYeahRoN [1:58 PM]: should we ask a nurse to be on standby as well you think?
    AIR TRIX [1:58 PM]: yeah...just to be on the safe side...
    KooYeahRoN [1:58 PM]: oh wait... goldie will be there
    KooYeahRoN [1:58 PM]: booyah
    AIR TRIX [1:58 PM]: so it won't be on short notice
    AIR TRIX [1:58 PM]: hahahaha
    KooYeahRoN [1:59 PM]: awesome
    KooYeahRoN [2:00 PM]: can you ask her? how often do you see her?
    AIR TRIX [2:00 PM]: everyday
    AIR TRIX [2:00 PM]: i'll ask her and rick to do it
    KooYeahRoN [2:00 PM]: i'm sure she'd do it... just wanna be official about it
    KooYeahRoN [2:00 PM]: ricky?
    AIR TRIX [2:00 PM]: yeah...he's a nurse too
    KooYeahRoN [2:00 PM]: oh awesome
    KooYeahRoN [2:00 PM]: i didn't know that
    AIR TRIX [2:01 PM]: yup...
    AIR TRIX [2:01 PM]: followed goldie i guess
    KooYeahRoN [2:01 PM]: well that's pretty smart... that's where the bank is
    KooYeahRoN [2:01 PM]: wasn't nic trying to get into nursing too?
    AIR TRIX [2:01 PM]: yeah dude
    AIR TRIX [2:01 PM]: yeah he is...he's asking about goldie and ricky's school
    KooYeahRoN [2:01 PM]: i just can't stomach it... but if i could shoot i'd get into that too
    KooYeahRoN [2:02 PM]: alice is a nursing student as well
    KooYeahRoN [2:02 PM]: but at least the goldenator has already passed her exam
    AIR TRIX [2:02 PM]: i can't mess with that...blood im fine with, but if it gets more than that i'm out
    AIR TRIX [2:03 PM]: it's all good
    KooYeahRoN [2:03 PM]: hahah... yeah
    KooYeahRoN [2:03 PM]: i'm hoping to get the confirmation before thursday so i can email another report to the dt (and you) before friday
    AIR TRIX [2:04 PM]: sweet...
    KooYeahRoN [2:04 PM]: i'm waiting on nosferatu to email me about the trophy thing... she said she might know a cheaper place
    AIR TRIX [2:04 PM]: when you leaving / coming back for PI anyway
    KooYeahRoN [2:04 PM]: i'll be back by july 29th
    KooYeahRoN [2:04 PM]: i'm leaving june 30th
    AIR TRIX [2:04 PM]: she hasn't gotten back to you yet?
    KooYeahRoN [2:04 PM]: nah
    KooYeahRoN [2:04 PM]: she said her momma's looking for it
    AIR TRIX [2:04 PM]: oh alright
    KooYeahRoN [2:05 PM]: she hasn't gotten back to me since
    KooYeahRoN [2:05 PM]: oh well... i think we're doing good
    AIR TRIX [2:05 PM]: hmmm...all good
    KooYeahRoN [2:07 PM]: i'll get online at internet cafes in the pi too so keep me posted... i don't even know who the youth coordinators are for each church so i'm not sure who to talk to about the individual booths
    KooYeahRoN [2:07 PM]: i know pinole will provide a ping pong table and will host their own mini tournament
    AIR TRIX [2:07 PM]: oooooh...thats cool
    KooYeahRoN [2:07 PM]: and if worse comes to worse we can just have vf set up a booth that provides all snacks and refreshments
    KooYeahRoN [2:08 PM]: if none of the other youth groups are interested
    KooYeahRoN [2:08 PM]: yeah larry came up with that
    AIR TRIX [2:08 PM]: how are we going to reserve the bball court?
    KooYeahRoN [2:08 PM]: i don't know yet
    KooYeahRoN [2:08 PM]: do you know if we need a special permit for that?
    AIR TRIX [2:09 PM]: i'd like to get there early to set up something so they know we have court
    KooYeahRoN [2:09 PM]: yeah that's what i was thinking too... but out some "caution" tape or something
    AIR TRIX [2:09 PM]: was thinking of that, but it's a public park...i dunno if they have permits for that
    AIR TRIX [2:09 PM]: hmmm...maybe
    KooYeahRoN [2:10 PM]: maybe we can call someone?
    KooYeahRoN [2:11 PM]: it's in fremont or union city?
    AIR TRIX [2:11 PM]: i think fremont...lemme ask around
    KooYeahRoN [2:12 PM]: you remember the name of the park?
    AIR TRIX [2:12 PM]: nope...
    KooYeahRoN [2:12 PM]: dang... ok coz i think we can just look it up on the web or something
    AIR TRIX [2:13 PM]: lemme look it up...i'm pretty sure theyd have a park listing somewhere
    KooYeahRoN [2:13 PM]: remember what street it's on?
    AIR TRIX [2:14 PM]: i can't think of it right at the moment...
    KooYeahRoN [2:14 PM]: ok cool
    KooYeahRoN [2:14 PM]: City of Fremont - Playgrounds
    AIR TRIX [2:15 PM]: gimme the address...i can't click on the link...somethings wrong with my aol browser
    KooYeahRoN [2:15 PM]:
    KooYeahRoN [2:16 PM]:
    AIR TRIX [2:16 PM]: ok
    KooYeahRoN [2:17 PM]: ok i gotta go back to work... see if you can find out about a permit or whatever
    AIR TRIX [2:17 PM]: aight
    AIR TRIX [2:17 PM]: later bro
    KooYeahRoN [2:17 PM]: ok bro... peace

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