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Ron (quixilver) wrote,
@ 2004-06-08 13:22:00
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    haven't had a public post in a long minute so here goes...

    the last weekend of may (memorial day weekend) i went to this anime convention in downtown san jo, FanimeCon. it was cool. aside from the con, that weekend was pretty terrible for me. for one, i found out that the youth group was about to get screwed (i didn't let it happen), i got volunteered to participate in the martial arts exhibition for the church anniversary sunday (i dropped out), and rj was being irresponsible. ok, he asks animae to come over because she's going to be home alone so he invites her to stay the night at my place. next thing you know, he's going to work. so i left the con with larry and angelo and kicked it with anne for a while. no big deal. glad to do it. miriam came down and we all had dinner with rice and regi, and then after rice and regi took off we went to bubble for some dessert and then watched "Shrek 2". so it's all gravy. however, after rj gets home, he decides to head out to the party. anne didn't want to go because she was tired so he ditches her. i ended up staying with her until she fell asleep and then met up with larry and angelo back at the con. i'm not sure he gets it. i talked to him a couple of days later about it, and whether he gets it or not, it's up to him. he got let go from wells fargo because he overslept (for the second time in less than 2 weeks). sometimes it just seems like i babysit him, and i hate that feeling. i don't even feel like talking to him about things that much because i don't think he gets it. he's going to do what he's going to do and that's that. it's almost like talking to my dad...

    this month has been busy and it looks like it won't let up. ryan and i were supposed to go to st. paul's last sunday to ask for their permission to use their facilities for the bball tourney in august but he bails out. i ask for his contact's (arvin reyes) information so i can talk to him but i didn't get his email until AFTER i got back from st. paul. GAH. it just feels like i'm shouldering most of this shit because i'm the one who's been doing the majority of reporting to the DT and i've had to go to st. paul's to fill out an official form. but when i go to the philippines i hope he can hold his ground taking the rosters and registration money in... that's why i'm not trippin so much. i'm taking care of business now but from the end of this month until the end of july HE'LL be the one handling shit. i'm sure he'll be fine. he HAS to be. oh well... i found out that when you lower your expectations of people you don't get disappointed that much anymore. i just don't expect much from people anymore. most of the phone calls i get are from people who need a shoulder to cry on or those who needs help or advise. which is cool... i don't mind being there for them. but damn, do you ONLY call when you need something? i'm not going to name names, because there's too fucking many. it'll be easier to name names of people who call because they want to talk to me. period.

    so this month, i have to finish setting up the basketball tournament, head the youth carwash, and work overtime here at work. i don't mind the extra hours... cash is hard to come by. i oughta take a picture of a $20 bill sometime so i'd remember what it looks like... hahah. and then all july i'll be in the philippines. i come back the last weekend of july and that weekend i'm going to see michael w. smith and mercyme in concert at great america. then it's august. first weekend of august there's the church family camping trip, 2nd weekend the bball tourney, 3rd weekend is the ci leader training, and before school starts we gotta have our 2nd trimester birthday celebrations with the youth group. and then september hits and we're busy at work again. i doubt i'll have free time until october, and by that time we'll be finishing up the pasasalamat project and the ci projects will be in full swing.


    another thing that's frustrating is the lack of attendance when we play ball. gah. if people aren't going to show up for practices, maybe i should sign onto another team. i don't think i can do that though... i know there will be some repercussions if i do that. but come on... you wanna play, right? GAH!

    ok, i'm done bitching. i'mma leave this one public because dammit... it's MY JOURNAL.

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