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Ron (quixilver) wrote,
@ 2004-04-16 09:46:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:"Flashback" by Kelis

    long time no (public) post so here goes...
    actually, i'm not even sure what to write. i do most of my blogging on xanga now and i guess that's a good thing since i primarily use my blurty account to bitch about the world. it's not that i don't have anything to bitch about, it's just nothing really bothers me alot. bought some groceries yesterday and it cost $150!! good grief!! well some of that should last a while. i couldn't find any vegetarian chicken nuggets so i had to get some extra cup o noodles for alice. everything's starting to settle down, in terms of how things flow in the house. rj does the dishes and i usually take out the garbage, so that's cool. and then everything else, we share the burden. i really do want that second job now, just so i can pay off some credit card debts. i'm close to paying off one of them and i'm sure i can do it when my tax returns come on. so that's one credit card i don't have to worry about. also, my car needs some serious attention. i've been meaning to get her to the shop for a much needed oil change and tire checks. i think the break pads are wearing down. dangit. how much is that gonna cost? hmm.

    anywho, things are still kinda quiet in terms of the lovelife. i'm not getting any responses from cel (which is cool) so i'll try my luck with asha. kinda hesitant about that but oh well. i'm not really stressin about it because it's not like i'm trying really hard. i'm just fishing... hehe. if it bites, it bites. if not... i'm just waiting for fish to come to me. in a way the most work i've done is moving the boat a little farther into the sea, so to speak. but i'm still not diving in there and chasing after them. i don't have the time for that.

    speaking of time i'm just making due on the vow i made to myself to go out more this year. i guess i have been.. and it's cost me in some ways. there have been a couple of days i took off from work just to rest. haha. oh well. choices and decisions, cause and effect, repercussion and consiquence. that's all there is to the real world. ok, enough jibber jabber, i'm out.

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