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QitQat (qitqat) wrote,
@ 2005-03-18 01:48:00
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    Current mood: cynical

    I Used To Think...
    I used to think that in spite of everything, people really were good at heart. You know, like Anne Frank. But I am weathered now and now I know differently. I suppose that had Anne Frank been afforded the opportunity to survive, she would have wrote of a different philosophy. I daresay that she didn't feel that way as she drew her last breath - I mean how could she when she was being tormented by devils? So as I grew seasoned by the realities of society, I wondered about the way the proverbial They hold her optimism up as a lesson to us as if it were a certainty that she still felt that way while being starved and beaten and raped and god knows what else went on in those filthy concentration camps by those horrors of life. There is a high likelihood that her mther was killed before she was, can we really picture Anne Frank watching her mother die and Margot gang-raped while dreamily thinking: "even though they are ravishing my sister and killing my mother and I don't where my Papa is, these Nazis are really good at heart." Imagine that.

    People suck. Amerikkka is ripe for a ressurection of the Third Reich.

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