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Laurelie (purplecrayon3) wrote,
@ 2004-05-23 16:19:00
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    Current mood: calm
    Current music:More Doors of course

    I have the best friends in the whole world!!!!!!
    I really do. Absolute best. Whole world. Yesterday Brooke and Stacie threw this big surprise early birthday/going away party at Rocky's. It was muchos and uber stupendous!!!!! I love each and every one of them soooooo much. When we walked in, I saw Steven first, then Matt, so I knew that Mum totally made up the story of "We're going to my co-worker's granddaughter's birthday", or it's a really small world. YAY!!!! And WOW!!! The only two words I can use to properly describe how I felt. Besides really wanting to cry because I was sooooooo happy.
    It was a nice little wake-up call to how close we all really are from just the small, everyday things. Also that I really do have friends who care. That's always nice. I am going to miss each and every person there (as well as others totalling about 30) so so much, and we all HAVE to keep in touch, no matter how weird phone calls are for some people.
    Pink Floyd is muchos fun. And I think I've heard "Money" before. Matt really does have an extremely commendable taste in music. Matt, I commend your nice music. And hair. And shoes. And the strange fact that you are like Elastic-Man with the elbow-licking, etc.
    Megan and Jessi are driving me crazy, and are FINALLY being grounded to their rooms when Mum and Barry aren't in the house. Now I don't have to babysit them.
    Steven & Greg were surprised/mildly interested that I have a sister. They both were also very eager to tell me on Monday if they think she's hot, which is really sick because she's way to young for them. Sometimes I think she is about 10 mentally. Even THEY are older mentally. Which is saying something.

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