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*-._♥ g O r g E o U s ~ B o O ♥_.-* (purplecaphootie) wrote,
@ 2003-08-20 09:49:00
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    Current mood: awake
    Current music:dawsons creek episode

    thatl teach em'
    Last night…

    I saw this reality tv show – That’l teach em’ – last night. It.s about 30+ students who just had their GCSE’s.
    They have to go to a prep school for a month and a half, 1950’s style..
     no make up and accessories, bubbles for hair are provided.
     No deodorants!
     No girly stuff of boys stuff. (CD’s, books..etc.)
     No cellphones, computer, laptops. Etc.
     Uniforms and night gowns are given/ provided.
     1950’s hat/caps are provided
     1950’s hairstyle are required. 2 braids or ponytails on either side for girls and short hair hair for boys.
     They have to sort out their bedsheets and fleece properly. (the matron has to check it every morning when they wake up!) harsh!
    * the food is stale and pale just like in the 50's
    * Teacher gives them 20+ pages to read in 1 night and exam the next day...that goes on every other day

    Kinds of punishments:
    - cold shower
    - cold swim and 10 lents each student
    - standing for an hour in a corner
    - no cane punishments they banned that..
    - being humiliated infront of everyone..
    - shouted and screamed at by teachers

    * and the list goes on and on
    NB:: last night was the 3rd episode na.

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