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Saz (purple_rose84) wrote,
@ 2008-01-04 16:56:00
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    Current mood: happy

    Well I am back at my parents house for the night as me and Lauren are doing the fortnightly-monthly parent visit. Which is sometimes rather boring but oh well.
    I had the 2nd best new year ever (1st was me and laurens 1st one together when we saw Blondie and the Scissor Sisters in edinburgh and stayed in a v posh hotel) we stayed in and watched the L word (lauren was very upset a few days before about how Dana dies but due to watching Buffy I am well aware of the cruelness of writers!) had lots of nice food and wine and sex and it was just lovely. Did I wrote about Christmas? Well it was lovely anyway! Lauren and me stayed at my parents on christmas eve then she saw her parents xmas day, then we went back to our flat for a yummy boxing day. I had £100 and the steve irwin book from parents, and from Lauren the ENTIRE BUFFY BOXSET OH MY GOD!!!, some ruby & millie make up and shu emura curlers (they are proper amazing), some jewellery, some nightmare beofre christmas jamas and lots of other lovely things.
    We have both started a much more updated paper journal each to document this year being as we will move from Leeds (hopefully to birmingham), Lauren will graduate and look for a midwife job, I'll leave the longest job I've ever had and find a new one and it will be nice to record these events.
    We are both planning to exercise more in the new year (I have cute new kswiss trainers you see) and eat more healthily than we have done over xmas. We are also now fully vegetarian and are looking into vegan substitutes too, after reading Skinny Bitch we we thought was just a motivational diet book but actually is very pro veganism.
    Anyways, thats enough for one update, I shall continue turning Loz into a Buffy geek.

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