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NO MORE HEROS (punkrocksucks) wrote,
@ 2003-05-27 14:43:00
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    Current mood:discontent

    What I did in Scotland
    *Note: Fredrickson's real name is Carl but I hate the name Carl so I renamed him Fredrickson.

    Monday 19/05/2003
    So after two plane rides we make it to Scotland. We get on the bus(with Fredrickson and Spencer). Okie. So
    Fredrickson's the crazy smoking bus driver man and Spencer's the tour guide with the kilt. Jas took a picture of him and then proceeded to drop the camera thus cracking the viewscreen and the flash. It's still good camera. So we get on the bus which reminds me...I HATE COUNCIL ROCK KIDS! We ride on to Loch Lomand. On the way I think I passed out but I remember sheep...sheep...sheep....cow. A boat ride around Loch Lomand and that was that. We then drive again...and more sheep...sheep...sheep. Inverness is the first city we stay at. Jas,me mum, and I got jipped and were stuck at the PARENT hotel. My god..the whole thing was parents..I swear there was only 6 kids there. But that's alright. The only thing around us was a petro station....I never went there. Scary petro station. Thus ends the first day.

    Tuesday 20/05/2003
    We get up and have a boring breakfast. The Scottish cannot make scrambled eggs but that's alright. They have kickarse hash browns though. WOOT! We get on the bus and go to the other hotel. We then get onto our respective buses and that's when we get...ALLEN! He's so silly... We drive to Drumnodrochit where for half an hour he procceds to try to teach us how to say Drumnodrochit. We go to the Loch Ness exhibit. There was a movie...with a guy wearing a kilt...and he sat on a rock....:shudders: We had a concert at Elgin and the old people really liked us. Then we saw dancing people and that was interesting.

    Wensday 21/05/2003
    We visited castles and I slept. GO SLEEP! We went to the Isle of Skye and spent around an hour looking for a place to eat. That made us late for a vist to a garden and such. I'm pretty sure that the bus drivers had it out for us cause they're always talking in thir little group. Yeah...that's about it.

    Thursday 22/05/03
    We visited Scone palace....BEAUTIFUL! There were peacocks.....SCREAMING PEACOCKS! We ate and then visited Stirling Castle. Mind you this was all connected by long drives. Long drives where I slept. I do love to sleep. We also moved to Edinburgh and I fell in love with the place. The hotel we stayed at rocked so much. i heard so many drunk people...haha

    Friday 23/05/03
    We had this clinic thing and the conductor was a crazy crazy man. I wanted to kidnap him and have him be the orchestra director. After that we walked back to the hotel and....went up to the Edinburgh castle. The tour guide lady was so funny and she was kinda....not there. We also drove around Edinburgh and that was that. For lunch I had meat pie and some.....HAGGIS! :laughs: At dinner we had some haggis again....Crazy stuff. I talked to CAT and that rocked. We were so silly....and for some reason we weren't understanding each other.

    Saturday 24/05/2003
    We went to the ENDINBURGH DUNGEON. My god...that was hilarious. There was a guy that looked like a wannabe memeber of X-Japan. haha. That was also the place where we discovered that Spencer isn't Scottish....HE'S FUCKING ENGLISH! That cunt. arrg...We bough some stuff and then went back to change. We went to this place and met a doggie. It was so cute...we all threw a frisbee and he chased it. The orchestra took a shitty picture and that was that. I got my picture of Fredrickson should come out nice. Jas took one of his back? We went to Greyfriars Kirk and that was boring. The church is amazing though...I took so many pictures. Then dinner...and then concert. The other orchestra was amazing. I got a Greyfriars Bobby badge. :D

    Sunday 25/05/2003
    We went home. On the bus, Jas as sleeping and Fredrickson turned on the air...hahaha....:cough: that's about it. oh yeah. I hate the nurse and American airline workers are bitches.

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