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D-I-A-N-D-R-A♥ (punkndeeds) wrote,
@ 2003-10-09 19:02:00
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    Current mood: drained
    Current music:AAR:x:Happy Endings

    ANOTHER ONE!!!!!!!!-n i jus learned how to cut-thanx horst
    -What is your name? ashley
    -Spell your name backwards: ardnaid -lol i never tried that b4...ardnaid thats hilarious!
    -Date of birth: December 10th 88
    -Astrological sign: sagittarius
    -Nicknames: dee dee, dee, deeds, deezy, moo, fatty
    -Occupation? occupationless
    -Height: 5'1"
    -Hair color: VERY dark brown...ppl think its black n its not :'
    -Eye color: babii blue
    -Where were you born? west lake hospital, cleveland ohio
    -Age: 14
    -Screen name: aLoHaFr0mHeLL
    -What does your screen name stand for? aloha from hell is a song by the cramps...and i live in arizona-so its like hell-aloha from hell!
    -Pets: kittie - harley
    -Number of candles you blew out on your last birthday cake? 14
    -Piercing? ears - cartilidge
    -Tattoo's? not yet
    -Righty or lefty? righty
    -Wearing: boxers n a tshirt
    -Hearing: My Paper Heart by AAR
    -Feeling: apprehensive!!!
    -Eating/drinking: neither

    people you know.....

    `@!Craziest? Meigh - Muff - MoniQa - Mah-ree-uh
    `@!Loudest? ME!!! and monica(moniqa)
    `@!Best friend of the same sex? in AZ:Maria;Andrea;Ana - PA:Meigh;Muff;Brizzy - CA:WAYNE!!
    `@!Best friend of the opposite sex? AZ:Adam0;Jesus;Zack! - PA:Teegie;JC;ChrissyH
    `@!Most shy? ME! lol and maria but shes fucken awesome!
    `@!Dumbest? monica lol i mean that in such a good way u dont even kno! i luff ya mon!
    `@!Smartest? Maria!!!!!
    `@!Best personality? wow-i cant pick!
    `@!Most talented? hm..
    `@!Most ghetto? ) Ana lol jk ilu
    `@!Drama queen? other then me...?
    `@!Pain in the ass? Andrea but i love her to death neway
    `@!Funniest? so so many ppl
    `@!Best advice giver? mon and JC!
    `@!Druggie? could be any
    `@!Most likely to join a cult? Jay
    `@!Have you lost touch with a good friend recently? yeah
    `@!Person you've been friends with the longest? meigh ; brizzy ; JC ; TJ

    Last. . .
    -Last dream: I dreamt i was being an asshole to John - oh wait that really happened!!!!
    -Last car ride: this afternoon - back from skool
    -Last good cry: probably in the very recent past
    -Last movie seen: necessary roughness
    -Last Book Read: OMAM
    -Last curse word uttered: a whole stream of them - the last one was probably fuck - at wayne lol
    -Last phone call: i called wayne then maria
    -Last TV show watched: watching the red sox game NOW!
    -Last shoes worn: chuck taylers - red lowtop ;]
    -Last CD played: AAR
    -Last annoyance: a pop fly to centerfield - AGAINST SOX
    -Last soda drank: sprite
    -Last IM: JC
    -Last weird encounter: ???
    -Last time hugged: this afternoon - adam0
    -Last time scolded: earlier - my mom yelled at me for "fucking everything up"
    -Last hat worn: sublime trucker hat
    -Last class attended: bio.
    -Last time dancing: this morning
    -Last poster looked at: sum41
    -Worn a skirt: 2day - its part of my UNI
    -Been mean: to wayne lol but he knows i love him!
    -Been sarcastic: everymoment of my life
    -Met someone new: a few days ago
    -Talked to someone you have a crush on: lol i was an asshole to him n im sry
    -Missed someone: today
    -Fought with your parents: earlier-didnt we cover this?
    -Wished upon a star: nope
    -Laughed until you cried: hahahahahahahahahaha!!! earlier - smokin a cheeto!!!!! lol caroline
    -Played truth or dare: heh, no idea...
    -Watched a sunrise/sunset: when i was in mexico
    -Went to the beach at night: ^^
    -Spent quality time alone: always
    -Read a book for fun: always
    -Are you lonely: always
    -Are you wearing pajamas: always
    -Are you talking to someone online: always

    *Movie You Could Watch Over and Over: orange county
    *Your Favorite Song At This Moment: dont leave me - AAR
    *Your Favorite Song : boys of summer-ataris vers.
    *Person You Could Spend the Rest of Your Life With: heh...
    *Shorts or Pants: pants
    *Hug or Kiss: kiss
    *Oranges or Apples: oranges
    *Black or White: black
    *Blonde or Brunette: brunette
    *Tall or Short: tall boys<33
    *A or Z: Z
    *Punk Or Prep: punk
    *Superman or Spider Man: spider
    *Chocolate or Vanilla: vanilla

    *Did you drink anything with caffeine in it today: yep
    *Have you ever met anyone off the internet: nope
    *How many phones do you have in your house: 3
    *How long is your hair: long
    *Do you get along with your parents: kinda
    *What color of eyes do you prefer: BLUE!
    *Were you named after anyone: michael douglas' ex-wife
    *Do you wish on stars? nope
    *When did you last cry: dno
    *Do you like your handwriting: nope
    *What is your most embarrasing CD/Tape: backstreet boys - DONT WORRY///I BURNED IT!
    *If you were another person, would you be friends with yourself? nope, i'd probably kick my ass
    *Are you a daredevil: sure
    *Have you ever told a secret you swore not to tell: yes - srry
    *Have you ever misused a word and sounded absolutely stupid: probably
    *Do you think there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: nope
    *Do fish have feelings: yes
    *Where is your second home: n.parkview drive - MEIGH'S HOUSE!!!!
    *Do you trust others easily: yes
    *What was your favorite toy as a child: hotwheels cars
    *What class in school do you think is totally useless: algebra
    *Do you have a journal: yes
    *Have you ever been in another country: yes
    *Would you bungee jump: yep
    *What are you worried about right now: whether john thinks im an asshole or not - i already know i am
    *Do you ever wear overalls?: no

    Actor/actress: kate hudson
    Board game: monopoly
    Book: the janie books - stargirl - 1984
    Cartoon: rocket power - recess - old ones
    Cereal: golden grahms
    Chewing gum: carefree koolerz
    Color(s): black - purple - orange - red - I LOVE COLORS!!!
    Color nail polish: i usually jus either go w. black tips or white tips...or all black
    Day of week: friday
    Least fave day: tuesday
    Flower: petunia n white roses - white roses are the shit man yeah
    Jello flavor: watermellon
    Day or Night: night
    Summer or Winter: winter

    Finish the Sentence..

    I Love to? be loved
    I Miss... pennsylvania
    I Wish... i could have him*
    I Hope... i move to australia n maria can come w. me
    I Am Annoyed by... perfect people
    I Am... a bitch
    I Want to individual
    I Would Never... cheat on someone
    I'd Rather... be skinnier
    I Am Tired... of going to school

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