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Kacie (punkher4life) wrote,
@ 2003-12-05 15:38:00
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    Current mood: hungry
    Current music:Devils Dance Floor-Floggin Molly

    New turn of events!
    Went bowling last night with Matt. We both sucked really bad. Even as bad as I was doing I still broke 100 each time. The first game I got a 137 and that was fairly good for as bad as I was doing. The second game there was music on and I cant dance and bowl at the same time so that was bad.

    Talked to Mr.Plate about my letter and he said that there are no more letters that have bowling balls and pins on them! I was so mad how can I have a letter and not have anything on it?! I'm gonna go talk to Mr.Stuzke and make him order me one. I wanna at least let it be able to show that I was in bowling and remember it when I was old and wrinkley!!

    Yea, and Kass says the plghjfghsdl dont know how to spell it that says I was the most outstanding flagline member is gone! What crap is that?! I should ask Mr.Allen "Hey dude wheres the plfhsdjkfha that says I was the best flag girl last year? Did you take it down caz I quit..caz Im not the only one on it. Can I either have it or take a picture of it or at least HANG IT BACK UP?!?!"

    Tomorrow night Im going to prism to help out with the passing of tickets to get volunteer hours and watch the show. I miss prism.. Well I miss dancing.. with Kassi.. wait and the DANCELINE dances with ERIN WOLFE (my idol)... and sneaking in to watch VOGUE!! Awww... Miss prism dancing.. too bad tho Kacie you arent in flags anymore and there is no DANCELINE! But I still miss it. I remember the saying oh yea we will do it all four years and make it a tradition..sorry Kass couldnt hold out! But I have no time anymore.. for even dancing! I dance around my house but I wish I could be on a team or even just have a dance class... that would be awesome

    Aw getting sad now thinking about prism! But I will see it tomorrow hopefully!

    Need to get food and sit around and get fat caz I have the night off!!! Woo hoo.. that was nice to have an extra person and go into work and have them say hey u want the night off.. I was out the door when he said that! I was yelling thanx!! hah

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