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Joe (punkguitarist17) wrote,
@ 2003-07-12 12:07:00
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    Current mood: loved
    Current music:The Ataris - In This Diary

    I feel loved for the reals this time
    Ok its 5:02 am i feel really weird. The sleepy drugs havent totally worn off but i also feel really sick and i cant sleep. I wish you were here joe. All i have is this White tiger stuff animal named hobbs to keep me company. Apparently i have acid leaking into my stomach but they cant find a hole where its leaking. Atleast i got Watermelon Ice Sherbert from Basken Robins from my dad out of the deal. and I cant believe my brother gave me his favorite stuff animal to keep me company. I also have the statalite tv. But it would all be better if it was joe. He always knows what to say to make me feel alright. He came over last night to see how i was. He is such a great kisser! When i kiss him it feels like my heart floats and everything in the world is right again. I dont know how we found eachother but i'm glad we did.

    God Lynda and I has been the best relationship I've ever had. When I'm hoding her in my arms I feel like nothing can become a problem between us. She is the most caring Person I have ever been with and that is for the reals. She is a sweet, generous person, who has alot of love for the world unless people are jerks or bitches. I really really thank Andrea Herr for introducing Lynda and I to eachother. If It wasn't for me moving her and talking to Andrea, nothing would be the way it is today. I would still be in Fort Lupton, doing nothing but riding my dirt bike Illegaly on the roads of the country. I would still be a shit kicker, wearing my boots, chewing on some wheat straw, and chasing the cows down with horses instead of a good ol' honda recon. lol I'm just being stupid now. Oh well Lynda loves my sense of humor, and I love hers because we have the same sense of humor. Lynda maybe a year and three days older than me but we act alot like eachother. Iswear you could hardly tell we were a year apart you would think we are the same age. But I has to go so I'll be back...

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