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Borderline On Insanity (punk_xxx) wrote,
@ 2006-01-17 20:24:00
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    Current mood: nostalgic
    Current music:Chasing the Sun Away-The Mighty Mighty Bosstones

    Hey! You're chasing the sun away...
    Last time I wrote in here was....July?, yea, July...

    Funny as it is, ALOT has changed since July. That guy who IMed me? The one I mentioned...well we ended up going out, and then he well...dumped me...and then tried to get me back...yeah..he was a waste

    Eric and Nick? I have NO idea where they are...well actually thats not entirely true...last I heard they lived in the city somewhere. But thats about it. Serena moved to North Carolina so there goes the only connection. Yeah I'm upset, but theres nothing I can do about it. All the luck to them y'know?

    I love the mighty mighty bosstones...okay random comment

    I gained a new best friend this summer, Chanelle...she is the most amazing person I have ever met in my life and I'm sooo lucky I'm able to call her my best friend (and I'm so lucky that this weekend I'm visiting her up at BEST WEEKEND EVER!! lmao

    Summer of shott? Yeah, I thought

    Wow, I'm a junior now. I'm a fucking junior...not only that...I'm pretty much done with my first semester...meaning....theres only 3 semesters (year and a half) left of my high school career...thank the fucking god. You have no idea...I've already made all my plans for after highschool and shit...I'm just riding this all out. By this time next year I will hopefully be accepted to college and just breezing by school...

    Well, Florida soon...I need a fucking vacation man...geez.
    Yay for failing Math AND Chem! Lets get a BIGG Yesssss for that one!....YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSs

    I think I've almost achieved my goal of being a free spirit...just a few more things I need to let go/get rid of in my life and then I'm there man....thank god

    Well I guess I'm out until I feel its time to update again....

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