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Presto Thompson (punk_n_drublic) wrote,
@ 2006-02-04 01:54:00
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    Current mood: busy
    Current music:The Misfits-Decending Angle

    For Your Eyes Only!
    I had no clue that anyone read my blurty! That's great. I havn't posted in so long cause I thought this thing was dead but apparently it has arisen, if I spelt that right. I've been doing alot of slinging here lately and it's working out. Bryan and I tripped robotussin dm hardcore! It was like a three day in a row dex binge and I loved every moment of it. I just wish you could reach the fourth plateau by drinking the shit without regurgitating pieces of your stomach on to your parents couch, ha! I did infact have a chance to try purified dex(voodoo) twice. If anyone has a chance to try this stuff and likes ecstacy or dex then you'll be in heaven. It takes you directly to the top of the mountian after a gruling three hour wait where you think you just paied for some excedrin migrane or something, then boom! Every color you see fades to a mesh of grey and the sounds you hear go away. I actually thought I was deaf for a couple of min. but I was so fucked up that I had to relearn how to think, then, talk, then walk, but forget about walking cause if it's good it's not happening. I loved it, two thumbs up, defently! I'm living with a couple of friends in a shithole redneck infested town and it sucks but the company is allright. I'm hungry and tired. In four days I've slept a grand total of 6hrs and eaten a pack of ramin noodles and a cake dounut, a whole 55cents worth of food, and I still struggled to keep it down. Stupid huh? To the toco bell toto!

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