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Psychotic Siren (psychotic_siren) wrote,
@ 2003-05-30 00:27:00
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    Current mood: tired

    muh, muh and muh
    Up late again! Just finished watchin Angel which my mum had taped 4 me unfortunetly she 4got about buffy! grr. Was stuck at work all day which was dull and to think I coulda bin spending dat time with jenny and edwina 4 once!! But ah well. Btw I think someone should officially ban Jennifer from driving, my eardrums cant stand the squealing. She's either driving like a snail squealing or racing down the road squaleing, all the while with edwina shouting "Clutch!" (or brake or accelorator, or whichever thing will cause the car to die very soon if jen does not make use of it lol)
    Really reminds me of last summer when it was melon instead of Jenny, pity we saw her so little den, ud better not be thinking of going to Sligo dis summer nen!!! I miss the beach alot too, I know most of the time it was dark by the time we got der but it was still lotsa fun. I especially liked da time I nearly went home wit my boots still sitting on da wall at the beach! Duh me!
    Really hurt my knee da other day :( Id prefer not to talk about how I did it (becuase I tripped over my own jeans like a duh :P) but its really killing menow cuz I had to keep kneeling up and down to get people der sodding curtains today! grr and den dey have the cheek to grumble at u becuase the shop doesnt sell that shade of yellow they love so much. Well push off den and go elsewhere, see if I care!!! I have no respect for neone buying d tat we sell neways. (made £400 tho, yay!)
    Think im finally getting into the swing of things, being on holidays and all, its starting to be very relaxed and pleasant. Just getting up, deciding whether to get dressed or not, seeing friends instead of school, that kinda thing y'no! lotsa fun :) Read first harry potter book yesterday so tomorrow ill read da next week and mayb the day after that Ill persuade mum to buy me da third one hehe! Although Id rather read amies neway so I dont get my crumpled. lol reminds of da state melons books wud b in by the time she'd finished reading dem, including my books unfortunately ):( used to piss me off actually.
    so nuthin really interestin to char bout.. but to be fair it is rather late and im quite tired..was waiting on a text from jodie but she has not yet replied so ive ended up keeping myself awake just a bit too long and now I cant sleep. yawn. well gues I could give it another go just for fun!

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