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Brittney (psychostalker13) wrote,
@ 2004-04-14 19:58:00
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    Current mood: flirty
    Current music:making the video new found glory

    Well today was a pretty good day for the most part. I did good on my speech which is a first and probably last hahah. I got away with cheating on two big tests! hell ya and i learned how to say lunch in french german and spanish (well i knew spanish but yea) french: J'adore de'jeuner german: Ich liebe Nachmittmich Spanish: Me amo almuerzo yay! i luv lunch!!! it is the only reason i get up in the morning and go to school. it brightens my day unless my friends are sad or im having a really bad day. mr jordan is a dog eating fucker monkey in a tutu and a tie! lol but its ok. my teeth kinda hurt...n e of my good friends best friend moved today. she was crying all day long and her x was happy all day long and her boyfrend was pissed all day long. i think it is bullshit for her x to be happy and her boyfrend to b mad. her x should feel bad because a bunch of his frends are sad about it and her boyfrend can be a lil pissed but it isnt like he was gonna marry her or a matter of fact i wasnt gonna give it another month. i luv you amber!!!dont be sad :( ... i need to act...i'm having a craving for it! i luv acting and i havnt had a chance to yet!!! ahhhhhhhh!!! im gettin even thinking of going to try again at the roxy with the father fucker gay guys.( i would say mother fuckers but they are gay so it wouldnt work) I am in a wierd mood...i dont know what it jumpy and hyper and sick and horny and i dont really know but it is wierding me out. speaking of wierd i luv my wierdo!!!! too bad ur a fucker though u stupid wierdo.
    :-* 555 7108 is the number of the chik on the train in the dentine ice commercial lol. well i guess since im already talking about stupid shit im gonna split. sorry again to everybody who read my thing yesterday which im sure was alot of people :-/. MML l8r

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