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Khaani (psycho_fenris) wrote,
@ 2003-10-02 17:13:00
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    Still Alive, Dante?
    mood: Sleepy Mechanical starring off into space confused dazed happy curl up in a warm ball needing a hug

    Wow, it takes forever to get some free time now. I've been burried in work for thr past 2 weeks. SO many projects to do....but oh well. I've been trying to get involved in some more Community Service Events so I'll have community service hours for colleges to look at when I apply. Ugh, speaking of colleges, my dad keep pickin these colleges for me and the one he happend to pick was Grove City College.....and well i do kno a couple things about that school and one thing is that that colleges isnt the umm...friendliest towards alternative lifestylers and is EXTREMELY anal about everything lol. And my first icky Sat is November 1st and i have to take the PSATS again this year T_T
    Next Friday this kick ass movie called "House of the Dead" is coming out, least it spossed to be kick ass, hope it is. Well, its based off a video game where you tried to shoot up the undead lol. A few of us wanna get together and go see it and all its awesomnimity...thats right i said awesomnimity.
    Haha, we were talking about ways to stop bullying today in some class, cause of course one of our guidance counselors had some very oh so important info on bullying for us. They asked how bullying could be stopped and i said " Give everyone a tazer to hold on to, then everybody knows that the other person has a tazer and then they wouldnt think about bullying someone else, and if they were stupid enough to try, they'd end up with some nice big red-like splotchies to show off " Meg and Tony then agreed they would try gettin me a tazer for my birthday.Yea i really do feel that tazers are the answer..who said you couldnt solve violence with violence. that i think about it, why do ppl always say "violence is not the answer" I mean if someone beat you up and you went and beat them up 3 as bad or more , yes..3 IS the minimum level you have to beat someone up worse, then do you think they'd come and beat you up again. I don't think so.
    You know whats REALLY old..threatening ppl..its seems like everybody has some threat and usually its Im gonna shoot you or Im gonna kill you. But whens the last time you ever heard a really original threat like...Im gonna strap you to a tree and paint you orange....i dont kno..guess i just feel there should be some new threats. So next time you feel the urge to threaten someone, be original, dont tell 'em you're gonna kill them, just tell them something like that you're gonna make them listen to hours of poorly mixed free style rap in a dress. Or you can say "Im gonna" and then nothing. This gives your threateny the freedom to fill in the blank with whatever threat they want to imagine, you kno, the old cliffhanger approach. Always keep 'em guessin lol.

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