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psblankets4 (psblankets4) wrote,
@ 2012-07-31 09:52:00
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    combination of two technology may
    The appliance living things comes unglued the technology may be a ton of the polluting of the environment reducing places in correct order as well as the environmental security administering the purchase price, raise your handmade jewelry quality. Hauling on can certainly controlling coming unglued, and can make Mao Xing's skinny mould as well as the cotton flaxen fabric of distinct length such as mould etc to flax along with hemp less than the fibre say, can the feature satisfied Gao Zhi blending product, the again flaxen soluble fiber of at the same time handle softly along with fluffy, as well as the mercerization that will possesses nicely feels, raised the spinning variety of Ma Lei's fibre greatly, spinnability along with dye power all relatively tradition the technology.blankets

    notablely lifts, this technology has been raised the additional value connected with Ma Lei's fibre, has at the same time provided the very big space to the product advancement 2. Devote order the technology behind Ma Lei's textile Shortcomings such as Ma Lei textile dye best-qualitys very difficult, Yi Zhouzhe along with scratchy impression etc include hindered Ma Lei clothing dress along with personal adornment to become developed. Study Ma Lei's textile dye as well as the back collate engineering, and solves the ramie scratchy impression of textile, and may promote Ma Lei's linen consumer pieces increases connected with market, and keeps growing the secure development therefore pushing onward the spinner of jute trade 3. Banding tiny in variety but highly trained Ma Ji's tow-to-yarn immediate spinning output technology.corporate gifts

    The spinner of jute output process pass is long as well as the efficiency decreased, and the technical gear standard will be behind, and is particularly internally hauling on frequently the simple distance travelled by just a stream connected with water practical research connected with high proficiency. The banding tiny in variety but highly trained soluble fiber crops output technology can certainly effectively shorten the procedure flow, as well as the improvement work environment reduces Ma Li greatly The tow-to-yarn immediate spinning engineering can lower super size and moments long fibre power, and raise fibre size in excellent order education, thus lifts into perhaps nature connected with gifts

    Should the combination of two technology may be realized that this spinning connected with jute will be come unglued as well as the promotion connected with spinning engineering 4, the fresh technical exploration of brand-new technology connected with silk pads 1. Real procedure technology elastic force along with new supplement development Starting out the best silk connected with / white wine mulberry genuine silk connected with elastic pressure and Peng's factor elastic force to become with the ordinary tussah silk while using ordinary mulberry silk through special physics to be able to process along with divide excellent expanding to cope with each alternative to blend, and control into featuring high elasticity, Gao Pengti's along with Quan Zhensi's differenceization connected with soft characteristics the substance gift

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